Origami TUTORIALS for children

On this Wednesday afternoon, I really wanted to offer you a selection of our origami folds, accessible to children ! Indeed, origami is an ideal manual activity for young people, which requires very little material and with which you obtain a nice result very quickly!


I will enrich this article as our new publications become available. So don’t hesitate to come and consult it regularly! To make reading easier for you, I have grouped our different tutorials into 4 main folding families:

  • animal folds
  • plant folding
  • party folds
  • decorative and practical folding


article-blog-tuto-origami-children-rabbit article-blog-tuto-mesange-posee
article-blog-tuto-mesange-grue article-blog-tuto-mesange-mesange-vol article-blog-tuto-mesange-poule

In general, origami folding animals are the ones that children like the most! Once made, these origami can be used as characters for playtime when children invent stories! On the blog, you can find the following folds:


article-blog-tuto-origami-children-marguerite article-blog-tuto-origami-children-flower-volume-2

These folds are my favorite! This is a category of origami that I really want to enrich in order to offer you a wide variety of models and thus create a beautiful paper herbarium! Here are the easy origami folds for children that we offer at the moment:


article-blog-tuto-origami-children-cube-hang-2 article-blog-tuto-origami-children-cube-light-garland
article-blog-tuto-origami-children-square-box-lid article-blog-tuto-origami-children-pocket-tato article-blog-tuto-origami-children-carre-flat

In this family, I have grouped folds that are both purely decorative (and which are not linked to a particular holiday) and more practical folds which could be useful to you in everyday life:


article-blog-tuto-origami-children-emperor-empress article-blog-tuto-origami-children-lantern-tanabata article-blog-tuto-origami-children-garland-squares-cut-outs-tanabata
article-blog-tuto-origami-children-flat-star-8-branches article-blog-tuto-origami-children-koinobori article-blog-tuto-origami-children-garland-small-squares-tanabata
article-blog-tuto-origami-children-coeur-flat article-blog-tuto-origami-children-volute-tanabata-1 article-blog-tuto-origami-children-flat-star-5-branches
blog-article-tuto-origami-children-flat-cross article-blog-tuto-origami-children-flat-tree article-blog-tuto-origami-children-cutlery-holder-koinobori

For this last group of easy folding for kids, I have collected different decorative origami related to Japanese holidays or Western celebrations, to create beautiful party decorations:

I hope this article can be useful to you and that you have a creative and enjoyable time with your child! I'll see you again very soon for new creative articles.



Have you ever done one of these folds with your children?
If so, what are their favorites?

Tell us more below in the comments!

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