The creator

Adeline Klam

In the heart of Paris, near the Bastille, Adeline Klam welcomes you to her boutique for a colorful journey into a world of poetry and reverie of Japanese paper.
Trained at the Duperré school in Textile Arts and Printing, Adeline cultivated an attraction for combinations of patterns and colors very early on. After leaving school, she developed personal work around photography and objects collected to compose nostalgic interiors. At the same time, she takes fashion and wedding photos.
When Adeline discovered Japanese paper , it was love at first sight!
She came into contact with traditional paper factories in Japan, where she found other original papers. Over time, she learned to master paper and began to use it for decoration and making pretty things. She takes over a workshop to create, which gradually transforms into a boutique where she exhibits and sells her creations: origami garlands , lighting and decorative paper objects .
Alongside her creative work, Adeline offers DIY lovers her wide selection of Japanese papers .
Over the seasons, the range of floral and graphic patterns, in soft and fresh colors, continues to expand. Many colors are now exclusives imagined by the designer, only available in the boutique and on the designer's website. The designer also develops ranges of creative kits around origami and paper flowers .
Always wanting to pass on her passion for paper, Adeline creates very pretty DIY works on paper creations, including “ The Paper Bible ” (2016), “ L'Origami comme par Magie - Volume 1 ” (2017). ), “ Paper Addict ” (2019), “ L’Atelier du Furoshiki ” (2020). And Origami as in Magic - Volume 2  » (2022)
In 2012, Adeline left the original workshop for a new location in the 11th arrondissement.
A beautiful, bright space that welcomes his favorites, his creations and a whole range of Japanese and origami papers. Behind the pretty paper stands, a space dedicated to creative workshops allows Adeline and her team to pass on their technical know-how and the pleasure of creating to you.

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