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Today, on the occasion of the release of my latest book on furoshiki , published by Marabout Editions, I really wanted to talk to you in a little more detail about this lovely project on which I have been working in recent months !


If you are a regular reader of our blog, it is very likely that you already know furoshiki! This word refers to the traditional Japanese technique of wrapping gifts and everyday objects using a square of fabric. I had already published articles on the blog on this subject, around my meeting with the furoshiki brand Musubi a few years ago now as well as on my collection of furoshiki in collaboration with them, released last year.


The idea of ​​this book was to introduce you to the traditional art of furoshiki, its history and its many possibilities of use. It was important to me to democratize its use and show you how it can easily be integrated into your daily life.


In this book, you will therefore be able to find no less than 20 different folds, simple and quick to make, in order to pack and carry everyday objects: books, computer, bottles, various boxes... So I have selected accessible models to show you how easy it can be to make furoshiki a daily habit. I also share with you the history of this technique as well as some tips for making any scrap of fabric into a furoshiki and teach you how to master the two basic knots, which are found in the different tutorials in this book.


Throughout the pages, you will also discover colorful worlds around the different folding models so that you can imagine how you could use the furoshiki. I particularly enjoyed bringing together everyday objects, decorative elements and fabrics here and there, to create colorful atmospheres and thus offer you a book that can both inspire you and introduce you to this wonderful technique.


For the different illustrations and explanatory diagrams that appear in this book, I really wanted to call on Sandrine Thommen whose work you must certainly already know if you have been following me for a few years now! I had already had the opportunity to present his work and several of his publications on the blog: Choses Petites et Merveilleuses , the Globe-Trotters Birds and Yokaï, the strange world of Japanese monsters . The clarity and softness of his work, inspired by Asia and Japan in particular, seemed perfect to me for this project. It therefore seemed obvious to me to ask Sandrine to accompany me on this book!


If furoshiki is part of the store's universe today, it's thanks to my meeting with the Musubi brand team during my last trip to Japan, in spring 2017! Thanks to their know-how, their teaching and their desire to introduce furoshiki to as many people as possible, I learned to better understand this technique and to appreciate its daily use. If you want to be tempted, you can find a selection of their furoshiki in store and on the e-shop!


On the occasion of the release of the book, I invite you to meet us, around a signing session in the company of Sandrine: Tuesday October 13 from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m., at the store (54 boulevard Richard Lenoir, Paris 11th) !

And if you also want to be introduced to the furoshiki technique through a workshop, we offer two workshops : Next Saturday, November 7, at 2:30 p.m. and 5 p.m.!

I sincerely hope that this book will make you want to use furoshiki every day! You can find it now in store or on the e-shop, by clicking on the following link “L’Atelier Furoshiki” !

I will see you very soon with new articles on creative hobbies inspired by Japan.





    GUILLAUMETTE > Merci pour votre petit mot ! C’est vrai qu’une fois que l’on a découvert le furoshiki, on ne peut plus s’en passer :) Vous pouvez retrouver, en boutique et sur le e-shop, notre livre pour apprendre de nouveaux pliages et notre sélection de furoshiki japonais pour emballer de jolis présents (mais pas que) !

  • Guillaumette

    J’en avait trouvé sur https://takaterra.com/fr/maison-zero-dechet/furoshiki , et franchement je ne regrette pas. Depuis je fais tout mes cadeaux avec. J’adore comment vous les pliez, je vais essayer !

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