FUROSHIKI - Our third collection with Musubi!

For many months now, a new project has been in preparation with Musubi , the Japanese furoshiki brand with which I have been collaborating for several years now. Indeed, a new collection of furoshiki is being released this February!

It is with pleasure that I present to you today, in this new article, this unique collection of furoshiki , born from our collaboration with Musubi.

If the principle of furoshiki is unknown to you, I invite you to discover, first of all, our blog article on this subject:

photos-ambience-article-blog-furoshiki-3rd-collection-musubi-garden-orage-100x100cm Furoshiki - Garden, Storm - Dark Blue Gray - Adeline Klam - 100x100cm
100% Organic Cotton

    For this new collection, we started with Musubi on 3 new patterns , available in 2 colorful ranges , in order to offer you a varied choice of graphic and colorful universes!

    We have also imagined 3 new colorful atmospheres for patterns, offered in our old collections.

    If you would like to learn more about these two previous collections, find the articles about them:


    Furoshiki - Garden, Banana - Banana Yellow - Adeline Klam - 100x100cm
    - 100% Organic Cotton

    The idea for this collection was to mix, once again, patterns inspired by Japan with a palette of bright and contrasting colors , reflecting what I love, what touches me and the universe. colorful that I share with you (at the store, on the e-shop or on my social networks)!

    We chose, as always, floral patterns dear to my heart: one inspired by herbaria and country flowers with its abundance of rounded flowers and the other with more stylized flowers and clear lines. We also went with a third , more graphic motif of fans that I really like for its playful side while being very Japanese!


    Furoshiki - Cherry, Glacier - Sky Blue - Adeline Klam - 50x50cm
    - 100% Organic Cotton

    The furoshiki offered in this new collection are available in 3 different sizes and materials!

    As for the materials, we went with organic cotton with a smooth finish, organic cotton with a woven, textured effect (which I really like) and polyester with an “ aquadrop ” water-repellent effect. As for the sizes, they were chosen according to the pattern and uses of the furoshiki and thus offer a wide range of uses, from small gift wrapping to large shopping bags: 50x50cm, 70x70cm and 100x100cm.

    The characteristics of each furoshiki are noted on their respective product sheet on the e-shop as well as under each photo which illustrates this article as well as in the conclusion.


    Furoshiki - Cherry Tree, Spring - Almond Green - Adeline Klam - 50x50cm
    - 100% Organic Cotton

    The development of the colored ranges , which arrive after the choice and design of the pattern, is my favorite part of this work around the furoshiki collections! It is always with joy that I imagine colorful worlds based on my current inspirations, things that have caught my eye recently, etc.

    It is by working on a collection in collaboration with a Japanese brand that I realize, once again, that the perception of colors is not the same and that a “festive” color palette will not be composed of same colors depending on the country, for example!


    Furoshiki - Fans, Powder - Yellow, Pink, Coral, Plum and Blue Gray - Adeline Klam - 70x70cm - 100% Organic Cotton (with textured, woven effect)

    As I told you above, we also offered new colorful variations of patterns from our previous collections, in colder and darker tones . The “Camellia, Duck” furoshiki (photo above) is one of my favorites from this new collection (as well as the “Cherry Tree, Glacier” furoshiki)!


    Furoshiki - Fans, Party - Pink, Blue, Green and Red - Adeline Klam - 70x70cm - 100% Organic Cotton (with textured, woven effect)

    I had once again the chance to benefit , throughout these months of work, from the expertise and know-how of the Musubi team regarding the many questions that arise during the development of a furoshiki : choice of sizes according to the uses, placement of patterns, etc.

    I was also accompanied by Séverine, for pattern and color work, as well as Hiromi and Eriko, for the numerous exchanges in Japanese with the Musubi team!


    Furoshiki Aquadrop - Camellias, Duck - Duck Green, Yellow, Blue and Pink - Adeline Klam - 70x70cm - 100% Polyester (with a water-repellent finish)

    The photos presented throughout this article were taken by Musubi ! I really like the photo styling that was designed by the brand to highlight this new collection of “Adeline Klam X Musubi” furoshiki and help you imagine the different possible daily uses of these furoshiki .


    Furoshiki Aquadrop - Peonies, Toucan - Blue, Green, Pink and Orange - Adeline Klam - 70x70cm - 100% Polyester (with a water-repellent finish)

    If you want to learn different furoshiki folds, to pack and transport all kinds of everyday objects, discover my book “L'Atelier Furoshiki” , published by Marabout editions, which contains no less than 20 different folds!


    Furoshiki - Chrysanthemums, Moss - Beige, Yellow Green, Glacier Blue, Almond Green - Adeline Klam - 100x100cm - 100% Organic Cotton

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      I sincerely hope that you enjoy this new collection! If you are tempted by one of these furoshiki , you can find the entire collection in store and on our e-shop, “Furoshiki” section:

      In 50cm by 50cm, “cherry” model:

      photo-packshot-furoshiki-cherry-glacier-sky-blue-adeline-klam-musubi-50x50cm photo-packshot-furoshiki-cherry-spring-green-almond-adeline-klam-musubi-50x50cm

      In 70cm by 70cm, “fans” model:


      In 100cm by 100cm, “garden” model:

      photo-packshot-furoshiki-garden-storm-blue-dark-grey-adeline-klam-musubi-100x100cm photo-packshot-furoshiki-garden-banana-yellow-banana-adeline-klam-musubi-100x100cm

      In 70cm by 70cm, in aquadrop, “camellia” models and “peonies”
      & in 100cm by 100cm, “chrysanthemum” model

      photo-packshot-furoshiki-aquadrop-camelias-duck-green-duck-yellow-blue-pink-adeline-klam-musubi-70x70cm photo-packshot-furoshiki-aquadrop-peonies-toucan-blue-green-pink-orange-adeline-klam-musubi-70x70cm photo-packshot-furoshiki-chrysanthemums-moss-beige-yellow-green-ice blue-almond green-adeline-klam-musubi-100x100cm

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