FUROSHIKI - Our second collection with Musubi!

If you follow me on social networks, especially Instagram, you must have noticed in recent weeks that a new project was brewing behind the scenes with Musubi, the Japanese furoshiki brand with which I have been working for several years now! So I'm meeting you today in this new article to tell you about my brand new collection of furoshiki in collaboration with Musubi!


If the principle of furoshiki is unknown to you, I invite you to discover this article about this traditional art of fabric folding:

This new collection was an opportunity to once again work in close collaboration with the Musubi team! It is always a real pleasure to benefit from their know-how and expertise in order to create furoshiki that are as beautiful as they are useful, with always perfect placement of the pattern. Throughout this work of several months, I was also accompanied by Séverine who helped me with the work of colors and patterns as well as by Hiromi and Eriko who took care of the exchanges with Japan.


With Musubi, we wanted to offer you a new size of furoshiki to complete our entire joint collection! These new furoshiki are therefore available in 70cm by 70cm. It's an intermediate size which is ideal for carrying, for example, a small shopping bag when you have to stop at the local supermarket! In Japan, following a tax on plastic bags, this size of furoshiki is growing more and more! In addition, furoshiki of this size allow you to make many other folds to wrap, for example, bottles, a bento box , a medium-sized gift, a pair of shoes or even a small basket!


Just like for our first collection, the idea was to mix traditional Japanese patterns with a palette of vibrant colors, like my world and the colorful ranges that I offer you in the store! With the Musubi team, we focused on floral designs - which are still my favorite motifs - of camellias ( tsubaki ) and citrus fruits ( citrus ).


We also chose a new material for this collection: an organic cotton with a textured, slightly woven effect which gives a very elegant side to furoshiki ! I really like this material effect which is due to an assembly of more or less thick threads and which therefore makes it a robust furoshiki .


If following this article you would like to discover more about furoshiki, here are several articles published on the blog on this subject:

To mark the release of this collection, Musubi published two videos to present this new collaboration:

  • A little overview of the collection (in Japanese) with a few words from me:

  • A more detailed presentation of each model in the collection (in English)


Introductory workshops on the furoshiki technique are offered occasionally in our Parisian store! Discover the program of our creative workshops around furoshiki , on our online store.

If you want to discover folds for yourself, you can also find my latest book “L'Atelier Furoshiki” , published by Marabout which contains no less than 20 folds for wrapping and transporting all kinds of objects!


I sincerely hope that you will like this new collection! If you want to be tempted, this entire collection is available in store and on the e-shop:
I will see you very soon for new articles.

Did you know the furoshiki technique?
What is your favorite model?

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  • Manon

    J’aime bien ce tissu, c’est très jolie , pour mes créations j’utilise le tissu au metre pour être plus précise, sinon c’est super merci !

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