Furoshiki - Woman Print - Ukiyo-e - 68x68cm

Furoshiki - Woman Print - Ukiyo-e - 68x68cm

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This pretty medium-sized furoshiki from the Japanese brand Musubi represents a “Young girl blowing into a glass whistle”, print created by the painter Kitagawa Utamaro in 1794. Made in Japan, it comes from the “Ukiyo-e” collection inspired by 19th century Japanese works with varied subjects: landscapes, scenes of daily life, characters.

THE furoshiki is a traditional Japanese wrapping technique gifts and everyday objects using a square of fabric and a knotting and folding system . In this size, it can also be used as packaging for medium-sized gifts, bottles but also to make small bags .

Of the bag handles, leather or wood are available to accessorize your furoshiki. They will allow you to transform your furoshiki into a bag that can be carried by hand or on the shoulder.

A tutorial for making a simple furoshiki bag can be found on the blog, but you can also discover other folds such as the bundle, the basket, the gift wrappers, the bottle bag, the package bento and many more in our book “L’Atelier Furoshiki” .

    • Matter : 100% cotton
    • Dimensions: 68cm x 68cm
    • Made in Japan

    EXCLUSIVE COLLECTION! Discover our range of Furoshiki created by Adeline in collaboration with Musubi!

    And to find out more about this partnership, find our blog articles “Adeline Klam & Musubi – our collections!” :

    Our first collection, here!

    Our second collection, here!

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