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Autumn is a season with a unique charm: the golden light at the end of the day, the flamboyant colors with which the leaves of the trees adorn themselves before falling, the long walks in the forest collecting mushrooms... To celebrate this season, sometimes unloved, I wanted to offer you a selection of DIYs that smell like autumn.


Here are the 5 tutorials that we are offering you for fall:

  1. simple foliage in Japanese paper
  2. gingko foliage in Japanese paper
  3. the origami leaf
  4. the origami hedgehog
  5. the origami owl



I really like this Japanese paper DIY which allows you to create a pretty plant decoration while highlighting the variety of patterns and colors of the papers. Although it takes a little time to make, this DIY is actually much simpler than it seems! It will allow you to master cutting Japanese paper, using white glue, handling floratape , etc. It can, in addition to that, be available in different colored ranges and leaf shapes, as I offer you with the tutorial below.



This DIY is a variation of the tutorial above, which I find particularly elegant! The step-by-step process for this gingko foliage is a little simpler than for simple foliage because you only use one piece of Japanese paper per side, but the process remains essentially the same. As with simple foliage, this DIY can be available in different color palettes depending on your decoration, the seasons, etc.



This origami leaf folding, simple and quick to make, can be used for a variety of creative projects: stuck on a card, placed on a party table, mounted on a mobile... For this tutorial, I recommend you Instead, use a plain paper colored on both sides with a fine texture, like Ogawa papers , but you can also use Japanese paper. In this case, choose plain or lightly patterned papers, like those in our “Faux-Uni” category.



In this selection of DIYs around autumn, I also wanted to offer you this adorable hedgehog folding, imagined by origami artist Nana Takahashi. Combined with other folds around the imagination of autumn, such as the leaf or the origami owl, this fold will allow you, for example, to compose a decoration on the theme of the forest!



This origami owl folding, designed by origami artist Shoko Aoyagi, which I shared with you for a celestial-style card, will wonderfully complement the two other foldings presented above, that of the leaf and that of the hedgehog in origami.


I hope that this small selection of creative tutorials around autumn will have inspired you and made you want to take advantage of this season to carry out creative projects!

Have a wonderful autumn,



What is your favorite DIY?
Have you ever made any of these?

Tell us more below in the comments!

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