Our DIY Christmas decorations

That's it ! It's almost December, the year is almost coming to an end! In order to bring out a little of the magic of Christmas during this last month, I wanted to offer you a series of small DIY Christmas decorations, simple, quick and accessible in order to make pretty objects from Japanese paper! They can be used to decorate your tree, the upright of a fireplace, the frame of a door or the center of a festive table...


Making these decorations can be an opportunity to share a moment with the family during the Christmas holidays, to keep both parents and children busy!


Why not make your own Christmas decorations this year?

    In this article, we offer you 6 new tutorials that will decorate your interior.

    1. a pretty snowflake made of Japanese paper ,
    2. little angels to hang in Japanese paper ,
    3. decorative origami crosses ,
    4. flat 5-pointed stars in origami ,
    5. flat 8-pointed stars in origami ,
    6. little colorful origami trees .

    Most of the paper decorations that we offer throughout this article can be as well:

    • hung to decorate your tree,
    • stuck on a blank card to send words to your loved ones at the end of the year,
    • mounted on a garland to bring a festive touch to your decoration.

    You are free to adapt them according to your creative desires!


    Using our sets of 6cm squares of Japanese paper , you will be able to make certain decorations presented in this article, such as:

    • the simple origami star (5-pointed star),
    • the flat origami star (8-pointed star),
    • part of the flat origami tree.
    It is a classic origami size which allows you to make simple small folds or more complex folds requiring several papers.


    I wanted to offer you light and airy decorations, in soft colors and with a celestial spirit that will delicately decorate your interior.


    On our blog, you can find lots of other colorful tutorials, adapted to the holiday season:

    If you encounter any difficulty, do not hesitate to leave a comment. I will be happy to answer them!


    To complete these little paper decorations, you can make, in a warm colored range, a light garland to decorate and illuminate your tree or to bring a little light to your interior! To learn how to make it, go to the article “TUTORIAL The light garland in origami and Japanese paper” .

    Throughout this article, you may have noticed adorable little origami Santas hidden among all these Christmas creations made from Japanese paper... If you are interested in the tutorial, you can discover it in my origami book “Origami as if by magic” published by Marabout editions 3 years ago now!


    I hope you liked these little DIYs and above all made you want to take the time to make your decorations yourself and to bring, throughout this month of December, a little color and cheerfulness.

    Don't hesitate to share your creations with us by email or on Instagram and Facebook . We are always delighted to discover with the team what you have made using our tutorials and our Japanese papers!

    I'll see you again very soon for a new creative article.

    See you soon,



    • Adeline Klam

      GANDOULY JOAN > Le tutoriel de ce petit père Noël en origami se trouve dans le tome 1 du livre d’origami d’Adeline « L’Origami comme par Magie », disponible dans notre boutique et sur notre e-shop :) Je vous joins le lien, ci-contre : https://adelineklam.com/products/livre-l-origami-comme-par-magie

    • Gandouly JOAN

      Sur la photo il y a un père Noël en origami. Où puis je trouver le tuto?


      YDIT > Merci à vous pour votre petit mot :) N’hésitez pas à nous partager vos réalisations !

    • ydit

      Merci pour ces jolis DIY :)

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