papier japonais yuzen aux motifs de conifères et de baies vert menthe, dorés, argentés, bleu foncé et rose pâle adeline klam de 10cm par 10cm
papier japonais yuzen aux motifs de conifères et de baies vert menthe, dorés, argentés, bleu foncé et rose pâle adeline klam de 14cm par 14cm
schéma des différents formats de papier japonais adeline klam (grande, demi et quart de feuille)

Japanese Paper - Conifers and Berries - Mint Green, Gold, Silver, Dark Blue and Pale Pink - M975

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This elegant Japanese paper is screen-printed with conifers with bushy gold and silver foliage with small dark blue and pale pink berries on a mint green background .

We invite you to find our other Japanese papers with foliage patterns varied .

The paper washi (from Japanese: wa , Japanese and sh i, paper) refers to traditional Japanese papers made from long fibers mainly from mulberry ( kozo ) .

Find out more about the art of Japanese paper , its manufacturing and its particularities in our blog article: “Japanese Washi paper” .

Screen-printed by hand , this paper is very flexible and resistant at the same time and lends itself to all kinds of creative hobbies such as origami, cardboard, scrapbooking or customizing objects and furniture.

Some ideas for creations and DIYs using Japanese paper that you can make :

  • Customize a tea box thanks to our tutorial for personalizing a tea box and by providing yourself with a naked tea box to decorate .

    Otherwise, find your personalized tea box in this Japanese paper M..., made in our workshops.

  • Make origami cranes , this bird so typical of Japanese art, by following this tutorial for folding the origami crane .

    Also discover our Crane Garland Kits , which bring together the necessary quantity of paper, nicely matched and cut to useful sizes as well as the specialized materials you will need to create a garland of 7 origami cranes, while being accompanied by a tutorial to assist you step-by-step in your creation.

  • Order a personalized Japanese light fixture (wall light, lampshade or table lamp) in the Japanese paper of your choice which will be handcrafted in our store in Paris.

Features :

  • The association of colors of this Japanese paper is exclusively created by Adeline Klam
  • Reference : M975
  • Screen printed on the front / white on the back
  • 2 dimensions available in store or on the e-shop:
    - Large sheet
     > 96cm by 64cm
    - Half sheet
     > 48cm by 64cm
    - Quarter sheet > 48cm by 31cm
  • Grammage : 80g/ m2
  • Made in Japan in traditional factories in the Kyoto provinces
  • Delivery in rolls: our half or large sheets are delivered rolled and protected by tissue paper and corrugated cardboard (delivered neither folded nor cut).

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