Japanese Paper Adeline Klam x Mini Labo - Garden - Moonlight - M910
Japanese Paper Adeline Klam x Mini Labo - Garden - Moonlight - M910
schéma des différents formats de papier japonais adeline klam (grande, demi et quart de feuille)

Japanese Paper Adeline Klam x Mini Labo - Garden - Moonlight - M910

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This pretty Japanese paper , printed by screen printing, has patterns of pearl white and light lime green flowers and foliage , gold details on a blue background tending towards purple, indigo blue.

EXCLUSIVE COLLECTION - Discover our range of Japanese papers in collaboration with Mini Labo , available in three colorful ranges!

And to find out more about this partnership, find our blog article "Adeline Klam & Mini Labo - The underwear of our collection!"

This Japanese paper respects the traditional techniques manufacturing of washi ( literally from wa , Japanese and sh i, paper), made from long fibers taken from the kozo (mulberry tree).

To find out more about the art of Japanese paper , its manufacturing and its specificities, find our article “Japanese Washi paper” on the blog.

The particularity of Japanese paper is that it is both very flexible and resistant and that it lends itself wonderfully to all kinds of creative hobbies such as origami, cardboard, scrapbooking or the personalization of objects and of furniture.

Some ideas for creations and DIYs using Japanese paper that you can make : 

  • Create a bouquet of paper flowers in volume , following our Origami Volume Flower tutorial - Peach, Cherry and Plum .

    You can also find our Creative Paper Flower Kits which include per kit: the quantity of papers needed, nicely matched and cut to useful sizes as well as the supplies you will need to create a bouquet of paper flowers, while being assisted a tutorial to guide you step-by-step in your creation.

Features :

  • Reference: M910
  • Range: Moonlight
  • Patterns: Garden - Pearl white and light lime green flowers and foliage, gold details on a purple-tinged blue background, indigo blue
  • Screen printed on the front / white on the back
  • 2 dimensions available in store or on the e-shop:
    - Large leaf
     > 96cm by 64cm
    - Half sheet
     > 48cm by 64cm
  • Grammage : 80g/ m2
  • Made in Japan in traditional factories in the Kyoto provinces
  • Delivery in rolls: our half or large sheets are delivered rolled and protected by tissue paper and corrugated cardboard (delivered neither folded nor cut).

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