FUROSHIKI TUTORIAL: Folding the basic bag

When I go on vacation, I like to slip a furoshiki into my things that will accompany me throughout the summer! It is an accessory, light and easy to carry, which can be transformed into a beach bag, a towel or a picnic tablecloth... It is for this reason that I find you today in a new article for introduce you to the folding of the basic bag.


If you don't yet know furoshiki , I invite you to discover our previous articles on this traditional art of fabric folding:


The folding of the basic bag can be available in different sizes to adapt to the volume of the objects you wish to transport.

Here I used one of the furoshiki from our collection with the Japanese brand Musubi which I have already told you about. This is the “Furoshiki – Orange Peonies – Adeline Klam – 100x100cm” model in bright tones of orange, coral, yellow, mauve and water green. In the store, it's one of our favorites!


To fold the basic bag, you will need (your choice):

  • a furoshiki of approximately 65 to 70cm or 90 to 110cm depending on the desired size - A selection of furoshiki is available in store and on the e-shop if you want to be tempted!
  • a square of fabric according to the desired size for your furoshiki - In this case, equip yourself with a square of fabric on which you will make a 5mm hem. A wide choice of Japanese fabrics can also be discovered in store and on the e-shop!

Before folding the backpack, two basic knots are important to know, the hitotsu-musubi and the ma-musubi.

The hitotsu-musubi knot which allows you to make bag ends:


  1. Form the point by placing the fabric well.
  2. Start forming a loop by taking the tip at the front.
  3. Pass the tip behind and place it in the loop.
  4. Pull on the tip and tighten the knot .

The ma-musubi knot allows you to obtain an elongated knot , which can easily be undone if necessary.


  1. Tie a simple knot .
  2. Pass the left tip over, through the loop.
  3. Tighten the knot .

TIP - Step 2 is very important because it makes it easy to loosen the knot . So, to undo the knot, move the left tip to the right in order to slide the second tip without undoing the knot.

Now that we've seen the basic knots, let's get to folding the basic bag without further ado!




  1. Take your furoshiki, with the back side facing you. Bring point C to point A to obtain a triangle.
  2. Grasp points B and D.
  3. Tie a hitotsu-musubi knot on point D then another on point B. Bring points A and C together.
  4. Tie a ma-musubi knot with point A and C.

TADA! You have just transformed a simple square of fabric into a bag, which you can use to carry a whole bunch of things: a few sweet treats, a pretty bouquet of flowers, your things to work anywhere...



The tutorial above comes from my latest book on furoshiki , published by Marabout editions! It contains around twenty different folds, simple and quick to carry out, for wrapping and transporting all kinds of everyday objects (books, bottles, lunch baskets, etc.), illustrated by my talented friend Sandrine Thommen .

You will also find some practical tips to show you how this technique can easily be integrated into your daily life! I talked to you about it in more detail in the article “L’Atelier Furoshiki – Discover the Japanese art of fabric folding” .


If you want to vary the shape of your furoshiki bag during the summer, find the folding furoshiki backpack published at the beginning of summer on the blog!


For this series of photos, we went last year to the Viltain farm in Jouy-en-Josas to pick flowers and enjoy a beautiful sunny day! If you also want to go there, I invite you to follow them on their Facebook page and their Instagram account . Thanks to my dear Griottes for this address!

I hope you enjoyed this article and made you want to try furoshiki ! If the idea tempts you, you can find a selection of colorful furoshiki from the Musubi brand in store and on the e-shop!

I'll see you again very soon for new articles!
Until then, take good care of yourself.


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