What to do with Japanese paper? Possible uses!

In order to continue our series of articles on Japanese paper, I wanted to focus today on one of the essential subjects: its different uses!

I already told you in my previous article “Japanese WASHI paper” , Japanese paper has multiple qualities, such as its flexibility and resistance, which make it an ideal paper for creative hobbies such as origami for example or even cardboard and binding... In this new article, I will present to you the variety of uses of washi and more particularly those of Japanese yuzen chiyogami paper, the one that we mainly sell in the store.

rolls of Japanese paper in various colors and patterns and ruler, brush, cutter and scissors

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Let's move on, without further ado, to the different possible uses of Japanese paper!

origami laid flat and origami garlands made of Japanese paper suspended in multicolored tones

This is one of our main uses for Japanese paper! Thanks to its fineness and flexibility, it is a paper that is perfectly suited to origami. It marks the folds well while offering a robust result.


Kirigami is the art of cutting paper (from kiri , to cut, and kami/gami , to paper). Using sharp cutting tools, it is very easy to cut Japanese paper to obtain clean cuts and thus create pretty kirigami works.

storage boxes, pencil holders and pocket trays covered with multicolored Japanese paper

Due to its manufacturing method, Japanese paper does not have a particular weft direction. This makes it an ideal paper for cardboard! The paper can be oriented in the direction you prefer.

photo albums and notebooks covered with Japanese papers in multicolored tones

It was when I made photo albums that I started using Japanese paper! Its absence of frame allows it to be worked with ease and ease, just like for cardboard. Once again, the paper can be oriented in the direction you prefer depending on your creative project.

double greeting cards and pop-up cards in origami and Japanese paper

Thanks to its varied patterns and shimmering colors, Japanese paper is perfect for creating cards. It is enough in itself! This is why I like to offer you assortments of colorful Japanese papers on our greeting cards handcrafted in our workshop.


Due to the variety of colors and patterns available, Japanese paper is ideal for scrapbooking ! It will allow you to highlight your photos according to a colorful range, a theme, an occasion...

decorative objects and storage boxes in wood and metal covered with Japanese papers in multicolored tones

I also like to use Japanese paper to customize a whole bunch of everyday decorative objects. Indeed, it is a paper that adheres well to many surfaces such as wood, cardboard or even metal. It can therefore be used to customize various objects: tea boxes, tissue boxes, storage boxes, pencil holders, small decorative elements, etc.

wooden drawer unit covered with Japanese papers in blue and water green tones

Japanese paper can also be used to dress and add a touch of color to furniture that you wish to renovate: drawer bottoms, bookcase shelves, buffet doors, etc.

rolls of Japanese paper and children's bedroom wall covered with Japanese paper in yellow, purple and red tones

Japanese paper is a paper which does not warp on contact with glue and which applies very well to large surfaces. It can therefore be used as wallpaper. On top of that, the variety of colors and patterns makes it a decorative paper par excellence!

pendant lights and table lamps made from Japanese paper in various colors

This is one of the many uses for Japanese paper that we have at the store! It is applied to adhesive polyphane, a plastic material which stiffens and protects the paper from heat as well as diffusing light.

rolls of Japanese paper, jewelry and pocket mirrors covered with Japanese paper in multicolored tones

Japanese paper is a decorative paper par excellence! It is therefore perfect for creating jewelry and small accessories: earrings, pendants, pocket mirrors, etc.

Japanese paper can also, if it is virgin, be used for the restoration of screens for example but also for calligraphy or even screen printing. It is important to take care of the nature of your Japanese paper depending on the use you wish to make of it.

I hope you enjoyed this new article and answered your questions about the many uses of Japanese paper. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to let us know in the comments! We will be happy to answer them :)

See you soon for new creative articles!



And you ? How do you use Japanese paper?
What technique would you like to discover?

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