IDEAS Customizations with our “Camélia” Japanese papers

On the occasion of the return to the store of our Japanese papers with the camellia pattern (as well as many other references), I wanted to go back in a little more detail on this collection of papers and give you some ideas for possible customizations !

article-blog-customizations-japanese-papers-camelia-ambience-1 PHOTO CREDIT – ADELINE KLAM

Before telling you a little more about these Japanese papers and offering you a colorful atmosphere around this motif, I wanted to share some information about the camellia.

The Japanese camellia (or camellia japonica ) called tsubaki in Japanese, is an evergreen shrub native to Japan whose flowering extends from November to March, depending on the different varieties. It is present throughout the Japanese archipelago but more particularly along the coasts. It is a shrub whose flowers will bloom in the heart of winter, which therefore makes it a symbol of the winter season in Japan.

Camellia flowers can be white, pink (or even both at the same time) but in Japan, it is the red camellias which are very widely distributed. The camellia flower has the astonishing characteristic of falling entirely when it fades and not petal by petal! As a result, this way of withering can be reminiscent of decapitation, the camellia was not very appreciated by the samurai.

article-blog-customizations-japanese-papers-camelia-ambience-2 PHOTO CREDIT – ADELINE KLAM

Through this article, I wanted to show you the different decorative possibilities of this collection of papers that I developed some time ago.

I had a lot of fun imagining different ranges by moving away from the traditional colors of camellias and moving towards more spring-like colored palettes which, I find, work particularly well with each other! Available in certain colors such as orange for example and with their round shape and generous volume, these camellias almost make you think that these flowers are in reality fruits!

article-blog-customizations-japanese-papers-camelia-ambience-3 PHOTO CREDIT – ADELINE KLAM

This camellia pattern is very present and is more than enough in itself! It easily dresses any object: a tea box, a pencil holder, a candle holder, a tray... A selection of objects to customize can be discovered in the store and on the e-shop if personalization with Japanese paper tempts you!

For this article, I customized, for example, a recovery tray (but you can use this set of 3 small stackable wooden trays ) as well as a small candle holder and a large candle holder.

If you want to learn how to customize different types of objects with Japanese paper, here are some articles published on the blog:

All you need is a brush and a little glue to quickly dress an object with Japanese paper. To do this, precisely measure the surface to be covered and cut your Japanese paper according to the measurements taken. Apply glue evenly to your piece of paper, stretching it outwards, then gently stick it to your object. Don't hesitate to apply it if necessary and let your object dry quietly. Nothing more complicated!

article-blog-customizations-japanese-papers-camelia-ambience-4 PHOTO CREDIT – ADELINE KLAM

These objects dressed in Japanese paper and accompanied by a few paper flowers will allow you to create, for example, a pretty table for a spring aperitif! On this subject, you can discover the following articles on our blog:

I hope this article has inspired you and made you want to customize objects with Japanese paper. The Japanese papers from this collection can be found in our “Japanese Paper – Flowers” ​​section!

I will see you again very soon for new articles.



What is your favorite paper from this collection?
What object would you like to decorate with these papers?

Tell us more below in the comments!

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  • Baumann Josie Anne

    J’ai commencé par faire des grues.
    Assemblées en suspension, elles ont fascinées les bébés quand les Maman procédaient à leur toilette.
    L’origami c’est pour moi comme une thérapie.
    J’adore votre boutique, un peu loin de la Suisse.
    Merci pour vos Tuto et commentaires.

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