Tips & Tricks for making paper flowers

Today I offer you a quick overview of my different tips and tricks for making paper flowers: the basic supplies to have, the steps to master...


Crepe paper flowers are ideal for creating a long-lasting floral decoration! Thanks to the variety of colors of crepe paper available, it is possible to create multiple colorful bouquets depending on your decoration but also the occasions, seasons, etc.


To begin this article, here, in my opinion, are some of the essential basic supplies for making paper flowers that you can find in store and on the e-shop:


These supplies have their own characteristics. Here are some details on each of them:

  • NOTES on crepe paper

The paper flowers that we offer in the store are generally made with 180g/m2 crepe paper. This weight allows the flowers to have good hold and be robust. It is also possible to use 90g/m2, if you want a finer result with a lighter texture effect on the paper frame. Crepe paper is ideal for making paper flowers because it has an interesting texture and is stretchable, which allows you to close your flowers easily. When it comes to cutting the crepe paper, be sure to respect the direction of the paper's weft, by cutting along the vertical lines of the crepe.

  • NOTES on white glue and precision scissors

White contact glue, with precision tip, allows you to apply your glue cleanly and make it easier to install the petals. Precision scissors allow you to make finer and cleaner cuts than a classic pair of scissors and thus obtain a neat result.

  • NOTES on Pistils

Our flower pistils are sold in the form of bundles. We offer them to you:

  • in batches of five small bundles, to be cut in half to obtain ten small bouquets of pistils, which you will use to make ten flowers ( example below on a small bundle)


  • in a large bundle (divide into approximately 5 smaller bundles with the center held) then cut in half to obtain ten small bouquets of pistils, which you will use to make ten flowers (example below with two large bundles)


  • NOTES on the floratape

Floratape or florist's tape is not a classic adhesive tape. At first glance, it doesn't seem to stick. It is when stretched that it becomes sticky because it releases paraffin under the effect of the stretching of the material and the heat of the fingers. This will allow it to be easily attached to the rod. Thanks to its very particular texture, you will be able to work on the rendering of the stems of your flowers or your foliage with precision.


After dividing your bundle of pistils, take your half of the bundle, hold it between your fingers with the end of the stem then assemble the whole thing with the floratape. To do this, you must “roll” the floratape with one hand and with the other slide it on the stem, stretching it slightly. To discover this gesture in pictures, I invite you to discover the video below (present in our article « TIPS: How to make a bouquet of paper flowers? » )

On the blog, we offer several articles to learn how to make different flower models:


If you would like to be accompanied step by step in making crepe paper flowers, we regularly organize creative workshops around this theme. Don’t hesitate to take a look at our program on our e-shop, “WORKSHOPS” section .


We also offer creative kits, containing all the explanations and materials necessary to make generous bouquets of crepe paper flowers:

I leave you here with some colorful compositions, which I hope will inspire you for your future floral decorations!


Here, soft, almost desaturated shades that remind me of something a little retro and elegant.


Warm colors punctuated with a few cold shades for very “sunny” floral decorations that are good for your morale!


For this composition, a multicolored assortment, one of my favorites!


I hope you enjoyed this article and shed some light on making crepe paper flowers. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask us in the comments! We will be happy to answer them.

See you soon for new articles!



Have you ever made paper flowers?
What are your favorite color ranges?

Tell us more below in the comments!

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