photo packshot du pot à crayon prisme au motifs de poupées d&
papier japonais yuzen chiyogami aux motifs de poupées hina matsuri et fleurs de pêcher vert menthe, rose mauve, orange clair, bleu gris et vert acidulé adeline klam de 10cm par 10cm (M1004)

Prism Pencil Pot - Hina Matsuri and Peach Blossom Dolls - Mint Green, Mauve Pink, Light Orange, Acid Green and Blue - M1004

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This prism pencil pot , lined with Japanese paper , is doll patterns by Hina Matsuri , Japanese Little Girls' Day celebrated on March 3 in Japan, and peach blossoms, symbol of this celebration also, in shades of mauve pink, light orange, medium blue gray, acid green and light peach pink and golden details on a mint green background.

This original pencil pot will be ideal for displaying your pencils, pens and other office supplies while bringing a colorful touch to your work table. It will also be perfect as a little Japanese-inspired gift !

You can also opt for the customizable pencil pot , to make yourself, by providing yourself with a set of 3 pencil pots to decorate , a quarter of Japanese paper , white glue and a brush as well as step-by-step instructions available on our blog “DIY Pencil Pots to Make” .

You will thus obtain a designer and personalized office accessory !

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