24 Papiers Origami - 20x20 cm - Mélange motifs traditionnels et unis-Papier origami-AdelineKlam

24 Origami Papers - 20 x 20 cm - Traditional and Plain Patterns - Random Mix

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This elegant set contains 40 squares of Japanese paper for origami, with traditional and plain patterns of 20cm side, as well as a pack of Japanese paper stickers in various shapes.

These 20 cm squares are perfect for making large origami (elephants, light garland, etc.) with a traditional Japanese touch!

Hand screen printed, THE washi yuzen chiyogami presents both a certain flexibility and robustness. Tainted in the mass, the mingeishi as for him presents a finer texture , smooth on one side and fibrous on the other.

  • Features :
    - screen printed on the front and white on the back (for patterned paper)
    - tinted on the front and back (for plain paper)
  • Paper types:
    - washi yuzen chiyogami (for patterned paper)
    - mingeishi (for plain paper)
  • Dimensions:
    - 20cm x 20cm (for origami squares)
    - approximately 3cm in diameter (for the stickers)
  • Weight:
    - approximately 80g/ m2 ( for patterned paper)
    - 50g / m2 (for plain paper)
  • Quantity :
    - 24 sheets (12 patterned papers and 12 plain papers)
    - a dozen stickers (in the shape of cherry and plum blossoms, maple leaves and clovers)
  • Made in Japan

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