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Book - L'Atelier Furoshiki - Adeline Klam

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Discover Adeline's latest book on the traditional art of furoshiki which brings together 20 folds for wrapping and carrying everyday objects such as the lunch basket, the tissue box, the bottle holder, the backpack.

“To present flowers that you offer, wrap all kinds of boxes, create bags and decorative objects and especially to wrap small presents and large gifts... Furoshiki , straight from Japanese tradition, is the solution ! Simply follow the explanations step by step to master these easy and quick folds.
Add an eco-friendly gesture and a touch of elegance to your daily life! »

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Find our collection of furoshiki in collaboration with the Japanese brand Musubi as well as a wide selection of furoshiki and accessories available in store and on the e-shop!

If you would like to learn more about this book and get an overview of what it contains, visit our blog article "L'Atelier Furoshiki - Discover the Japanese art of fabric folding" !

  • Author: Adeline Klam
  • Photographer : Adeline Klam and Richard Boutin
  • Illustrator : Sandrine Thommen
  • Publisher: Hachette Livre - Marabout d’Ficelle
  • Format and Number of pages: 20cm by 25cm / 80 pages

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