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Koinobori Madame Mo - Jo - Mini

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This windsock in yellow, red, blue, green and black fabric is a koinobori (from the Japanese koi , carp and nobori , flag/banner) from the Madame Mo brand.

The koinobori is traditionally hoisted on May 5 in Japan during the kodomo no hi children's festival. (of kodomo , child, no , of and hi , day). He is symbol of strength and perseverance!

Madame Mo appropriates this fabric koi carp to make it an everyday decorative object that brightens up an interior with softness and color!

Discover on the blog the japanese kodomo no hi party and the symbolism around koinobori !

  • Model: Jo / The Fantasists
  • Dimensions: Mini Size - 45cm long by 18cm wide
  • Material: 100% organic cotton, GOTS certified / Machine washable at 30°C

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