Manche à air poisson Koinobori Bleu lumière - S
Koinobori Madame Mo - Light Blue - S
Koinobori Madame Mo - Light Blue - S

Koinobori Madame Mo - Light Blue - S

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This blue koinobori with pink, white and orange scales (from the Japanese koi , carp and nobori , flag/banner) is a Japanese fabric kite from the Madame Mo brand.

This fabric fish windsock is a symbol of energy and perseverance.

May 5, Japanese Children's Day Kodomo no hi (of kodomo , child, no , of and hi , day), this Japanese flying fish is traditionally hoisted.

Madam Mo diverts this fabric koi carp of its traditional origin to make it a decorative object which enhances an interior with softness and color, every day.

Check out this Japanese festival Kodomo no hi and the symbolism of koinobori :

  • Model: Light blue (turquoise, orange, pink and white) / Les Traditionnels
  • Brand: Madame Mo
  • Material: 100% organic cotton, GOTS certified / Machine washable at 30°C
  • Dimensions: 70cm long by 26.4cm wide (size S)

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