photo packshot et kokeshi montées du kit 3 petites kokeshi dans les tons vert d&
matériel et intérieur du kit 3 petites kokeshi dans les tons vert d&

Kit 3 Small Kokeshi - Water Green, Mint Green and Light Pink - Mint

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This adorable creative kit contains all the explanations and materials necessary to learn how to make three little dolls (or kokeshi) , dressed in origami kimono , in shades of sea green, mint green and light pink.

In this kit you will find:

  • 3 squares of 11 x 11cm of Japanese paper
  • 9 squares of 7 x 7cm of Japanese paper
  • a cutting card with the three kokeshi silhouettes
  • a detailed step by step to make your three little kokeshi
  • a matching 3m wire to possibly hang your kokeshi

You are then free to assemble these little kokeshi into a garland, to use them to decorate a card, an album or even to frame them!

  • Dimensions of a kokeshi : approximately 12.5cm in height by 7.5cm in width (at the widest point)

Find our card of 6 kokeshi and samurai silhouettes to cut out to make new little dolls!

References of the papers in this kit :

The 11cm x 11cm:

The 7cm x 7cm:

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