7 Origami Papers - 15 x 15 cm - Love - C2

7 Origami Papers - 15 x 15 cm - Love - C2

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This pretty set of 7 squares of Japanese paper ( washi , yuzen , chiyogami) for origami 15cm side , in pink and red tones of the range  " Love » (C2) was imagined by Adeline.

Standard size for origami, these 15 cm squares are perfect for making origami with a fresh and colorful touch!

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  • T theme of the set: Love (C2)
  • Characteristics: screen printed on the front, white on the back
  • Dimensions: 15cm x 15cm
  • Quantity: 7 sheets / 1 pattern of each
  • Made in Japan

References of the papers in this set (from top to bottom):

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