boite rouge fermée de 200 papiers origami aux motifs traditionnels
sélection de 200 papiers origami en 6cm par 6cm aux motifs variés traditionnels dans une boîte rouge
boite rouge ouverte de 200 papiers origami aux motifs traditionnels

200 Origami Papers - 6 x 6 cm - Various Patterns - Traditional - Red Box (M885)

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Nice set of 200 squares of random Japanese paper (washi yuzen chiyogami) in 6 cm by 6cm to various traditional patterns in a small box covered with Japanese paper.

This format is ideal for making small origami (jewelry, cherry blossom, mini crane, etc.) or for making origami decorative elements that require several foldings (origami modules and flowers, flat stars, etc.).

  • Features : printed on the front, white on the back
  • Dimensions: 6 x 6 cm
  • Patterns: Traditional, Red Box ( M885 )
  • Quantity: 200 squares with varied and random patterns (approximately 30)

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