Colorful zoom: my shopping in Japan

This trip to Japan was rich in discoveries and I tried to take a few well-chosen souvenirs in my suitcase. This time in a colorful, fun and summery range, I have brought together fabrics, figurines and illustrations, all for the pleasure of our eyes! I had already revealed a small selection of my favorite objects in a previous article , but I have so many favorites to share with you that here is a new one. :) As a bonus, I found some addresses for adventurers, where you can find wonders!

In this first photo, two large Koi carp purchased from Natural Kitchen in the mall from Shinjuku Milord: shop 1-1-3 Nishishinjuku in Tokyo. If you want to learn more about Koi Nobori , I strongly invite you to read this article: Kodomo no hi: children's day !

Colorful zoom: my shopping in Japan.

Top left, small "Mizuhiki" silicone ribbons found at a stationery store " Tokyu Hands Shibuya Store" at 12-18 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku in Tokyo. Adorable for wrapping small gift packages or for wrapping around an envelope.
At the top right, I found Daiso kitchen items at the "100 Yen Shop" (the equivalent of stores where you can find everything for 1€). The three small transparent bottles are containers for bento sauces, the sea green baking utensil with different capacities is ideal for sprinkling cakes. I love this assortment with retro colors.
At the bottom left, three "Warabe Arare" or literally "cake children", they can be found in stores like Okashiya , specializing in salty/sweet candies and biscuits.
Bottom right, two small “Daruma” nestled on a bale of straw. Despite their downward smiles, they are actually good luck charms, symbols of perseverance in addition to luck and protection. These traditional Japanese figurines are made of papier-mâché and are hand painted. I found them in a shop in Kamakura: Select Shop, Kamakura Hachiza 1-7-3 Komachi Kamakura Kanagawa .

Colorful zoom: my shopping in Japan

On the left, the floral fabric comes from Musubi which you may know thanks to the presentation of the store that I shared in this article Musubi and the art of Furoshiki . Since then, we have received lots of beautiful new copies at the store (some are on sale, yes yes ;)).
On the right, two illustrations from the bookstore and stationery store Keibunsha Ichijoji Shop , located at 10 Ichijoji Haraitonocho Sakyo-ku Kyoto-shi in Kyoto. I love this childish design which reminds me of my son Ulysses' drawing notebooks. These two characters are sketched and then wrapped in PVC.

Colorful zoom: my shopping in Japan

Colorful zoom: my shopping in Japan Aligned above, three pretty cards printed with traditional Japanese patterns. There are several varieties of knots: if this one is facing down, we will send this card to offer our condolences. If the knot is turned upwards, it can be sent to celebrate a birthday, a wedding or a birth. This knot is specific to weddings, in tradition money is slipped into this envelope as a gift for the newlyweds.

Colorful zoom: my shopping in Japan

To finish and to stay in the summer theme, fish, summer colors and jellyfish! Made of glassine paper, they make pretty pendant lights to decorate a child's room.

So, when is your trip to Japan? :)

See you soon for new memories ,

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