An origami titmouse

As I promised you at the start of the week, here is a little tutorial to learn how to fold paper tits! You are free to make a mobile, a garland or slip it into a letter as a token of affection...

An origami titmouse

An origami titmouse

  1. Take a sheet of 15x15 cm square origami paper
  2. Place it white side towards you and mark the creases (fold and unfold) of the two diagonals.
  3. Fold diagonally.

    An origami titmouse

  4. Rotate the triangle slightly to make it straight...
  5. ...And fold the tip of the top of your pyramid downwards, respecting the proportions indicated in the drawing.
  6. Fold the bottom point of the triangle up and fold where the line indicates.
  7. You get the following result.
  8. Open the triangle to reveal the white side of the paper and form a diamond.

    An origami titmouse

  9. Rotate the figure like this, take the top point...
  10. ...and fold it down, overlapping the two halves of the figure.
  11. Fold the figure along the line shown in the picture to get a wing (just the top layer of paper). And repeat the operation on the other side to make the second wing.
  12. Form the beak by bending the left tip, along the line.
  13. Using scissors, lightly cut the wings as indicated to form feathers and give more volume to your bird.
TADA! Your origami tit bird is finished!
Find other origami folding birds on our blog:

    Happy creating!


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    An origami titmouse