TUTO Mini Origami Photo Frame

Mother's (and Father's) Day is fast approaching! Exit the noodle necklace and the key ring, I wanted to offer you on this occasion a gift idea for an ID photo frame. Simple and quick to make with a child, this DIY will be perfect for a little last minute treat!


To bring a little color and fantasy to your ID photos, don't hesitate to indulge in the colors and patterns of your Japanese papers, depending on the tastes of the person who will receive this little present.

Once made (and your child's ID photo slipped inside), this adorable photo frame can be slipped into a wallet, hung on a magnetic board, mounted on a decorative garland accompanied by other photos...



In order to make a mini origami photo frame, you will need:

  • an 11x11cm square of origami paper for a 4.5x3.5cm ID photo OR a 12x12cm square of origami paper for a 6x4cm ID photo - Here we used squares of 15cm by 15cm in which we re -cut smaller squares, according to the desired format.
  • an identity photo (or a small photo in the formats corresponding to those of an identity photo)


  1. Take your square of origami paper, white side towards you, and mark the medians. Then fold each point of your paper towards the center and mark the folds well so as to form a square.
  2. You get this. Unfold.
  3. Fold each tip towards the folds marked previously.
  4. Fold your fold once again towards its center.
  5. You get this. Turn your folding over.
  6. Fold the points thus formed towards the center of the fold.
  7. You get this. Turn your folding over.
  8. Your mini photo frame is finished!

If you would like to make your own packaging to accommodate this mini handmade frame, I invite you to discover our article “TUTORIAL The small origami “tato” pouch” to learn how to make an adorable Japanese paper pouch.

Other ideas for handmade gifts are available on the blog such as the lucky garland , the metal tea box to personalize , the Japanese garden , the pencil pot to make or even the origami light garland !


I hope you like this handmade gift idea! Can you guess who the little girl is in the photos illustrating this tutorial? I'll let you write us your guesses in the comments!

See you soon for new creative articles,



What do you think of this gift idea?
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  • Adeline Klam

    YANN > Merci à vous pour votre petit mot Yann :) Effectivement ! Cela serait une bonne idée. Nous allons chercher si un pliage similaire existe.

  • Yann

    Vraiment facile à faire, merci ! Ce qui serait chouette, ce serait d’avoir un tutoriel similaire pour faire des cadres origami rectangulaires…

  • Adeline Klam

    HORTENSE > Et oui, c’est bien le sourire d’Adeline ! Merci pour votre mot :)

  • Hortense

    c’est le beau sourire d’Adeline!!!

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