TUTO Feet in the water - Patterned coasters

During these periods of extreme heat, it is good to remember to hydrate regularly! For this third and final tutorial in our “feet in the water” series, I suggest you learn how to make a very simple folding of a Japanese paper coaster to decorate your summer table at holiday time. the aperitif!


Have fun adapting your range of patterns according to the time of year and your current colorful desires. This small fold can also be used as a decorative element in an origami garland by slipping a wire into the middle of the fold .


In order to make these pretty patterned coasters, you will need (to make one):

NB: The size of your starting square depends on the desired size of your coaster. In fact, once your folding is complete, your coaster will be half the size of the squares used to make it. For example, with squares of 15cm side , you will obtain a coaster of 7.5cm side , with squares of 20cm side , you will obtain a coaster of 10cm side and so on...



  1. Orient the sheet of paper in a diamond shape, with the white side facing you. Mark the two diagonals. Fold the top and bottom points towards the middle, in the center of your diamond.
  2. Fold in half.
  3. Turn your fold over (opening upwards). Fold the right tip to the center on the fold as indicated by the dotted lines.
  4. Fold the left tip to the center under the fold as indicated by the dotted lines.
  5. You get this. Perform this same folding, from steps 1 to 4, in other colors and patterns.
  6. Nest the two folds by sliding the tips of one inside the other.
  7. TADA! The coaster is finished.


This folding comes from my book “Origami as by magic ” published by Marabout editions, 3 years ago now. If you want to discover the joys of origami, this book will be your perfect ally! It brings together 50 folds (animals, flowers, decorative elements, etc.) classified in order of difficulty and detailed step-by-step using photos and drawings to make origami as accessible as possible.


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I sincerely hope that you enjoyed this series of sunny tutorials and above all that it made you want to take the time this summer to make things with your ten fingers.

See you soon for new ideas and creative inspirations!




  • Adeline Klam

    CATHY > Il est tout à fait possible d’appliquer un vernis sur du papier japonais ! Nous vous conseillons cependant d’effectuer vos propres tests :) N’hésitez pas à utiliser un vernis mat afin de conserver l’aspect mat du papier japonais. Merci pour votre petit mot !

  • Cathy

    Bonjour. Une petite question : peut-on appliquer un vernis sur le papier japonais pour le protéger ? Je custmise un bout de canapé et souhaiterais le protéger des liquides, Merci et bravo !

  • Adeline Klam

    CAROLINE > Merci pour votre adorable petit mot ! Nous sommes ravis que notre contenu vous plaise :) L’origami est, en effet, un bon moyen pour se mettre aux loisirs créatifs !

  • Caroline

    Merci pour vos explications très claires et vos adorables origamis. C’est vrai, c’est magique !

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