TUTO The origami cutlery holder

For this new article, I'm sharing the origami cutlery holder tutorial with you, as always, simple and quick to make! It will be perfect to add a final touch to your table decoration.



In order to make adorable origami cutlery holders, you will need:

Depending on the final size desired for your cutlery holder:

First, take your rectangle of paper, white side towards you. Fold the top of your rectangle to mark the horizontal median, the opening of your fold must be positioned downwards. Fold the left third of your rectangle towards the center then the right third over the left third in order to mark folds.


  1. Take your folding in your hands. Using the fingers of your right hand, open the right third of your fold
  2. Gently slide the third of your folding into it...
  3. ... like this.
  4. You get this.
  5. Secure the fold with a little glue.

  6. Carve/mark a “rounded” fold as pictured. Open your fold.
  7. Slide your left middle finger in there. Using your right thumb, gently press on the edge of your fold to add volume to your cutlery holder.
  8. Do the same for the edges of your cutlery holder.
  9. Pinch the edges of your cutlery holder to form them well.
TADA! Your Japanese paper cutlery holder is ready!
To complete the decoration of your festive table, discover the following tutorials:
I hope you enjoy this new article. I'll see you in future articles to share small DIY ideas with you to create a pretty party table.
See you soon,

Have you ever made an origami cutlery holder?
In what colorful range would you like your table decoration?

Tell us more below in the comments!

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