TUTO The pointed flower in crepe paper

What better way to decorate a festive table than to make your own bouquet of crepe flowers and make them into a pretty centerpiece? So today I'm showing you how to make a pointed flower out of crepe paper.


To match my flower to the rest of the warm-toned bouquet, I chose to make it in a beautiful golden crepe paper which captures the light wonderfully!

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Now let's move on to the tutorial!


In order to make a pretty crepe flower, you will need:

  1. Assemble the pistils and the stem, then dress it using your floratape.

    TIP - If you are new to floratape and pistils, follow steps 1 to 6 of this tutorial for the "pistils and stem" assembly .

  2. Cut your 5 petals then position your thumbs in the middle of the petal and stretch to relax the crepon in the middle.

  3. Make your 5 petals this way.
  4. Place a dab of glue on each petal base.

  5. Place the tip of the petal 1 cm away on the green base of the floratape.
  6. You get this.

  7. Continue arranging your petals one by one.
  8. Arrange the floratape again around the base to dress the stem.

  9. Spread the petals one by one.
  10. Pull the tips slightly towards the inside of the flower.

  11. Spread the pistils by pressing in the center with your finger.
  12. The flower is finished.

TADA! Your pointed crepe paper flower is ready!


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I hope you enjoy this new article. New creative tutorials around Christmas are coming very soon!

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