Furoshiki is an ideal ecological alternative to wrapping paper! Why not try wrapping your Christmas presents this year using these fabric squares straight from Japan? For this new article, I wanted to share with you a gift wrapping fold, with a little “twist”, for boxes and medium-sized flat objects.


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For gift box packaging, you will need:

Before folding the simple gift wrap, a basic knot is important to know, the ma-musubi.

The ma-musubi knot allows you to obtain an elongated knot , which can easily be undone if necessary. Here is the principle:


  1. Tie a simple knot .
  2. Pass the left tip over, through the loop
  3. Tighten the knot .

TRICK - Step 2 is very important because it allows you to loosen the knot easily. So, to undo the knot, move the left tip to the right in order to slide the second tip without undoing the knot.

Now that we've seen the basic knots, let's get to folding the bottle gift wrap without further ado!




  1. Place the box in the center of the furoshiki .
  2. Fold tip C onto the top of the box.
  3. Take point D.
  4. Fold tip D over the top of the box.
  5. Take points A and B.
  6. Fold points A and B onto the top of the box.
  7. Take points B and A.
  8. With points B and A, tie a ma-musubi knot.

TADA You've just transformed a simple square of fabric into gift wrapping for medium-sized boxes!


The explanations presented above come from my latest book on furoshiki , published by Marabout editions! It brings together no less than 20 different folds illustrated with talent by my friend Sandrine Thommen , simple and quick to carry out, for wrapping and carrying all kinds of everyday objects (books, bottles, lunch baskets, etc.) as well as some practical tips to show you how this technique can easily be integrated into your daily life!

I talked to you about it in more detail in the article “L’Atelier Furoshiki – Discover the Japanese art of fabric folding” .

To discover our selection of colorful furoshiki , go to our “ Furoshiki ” category!

I hope this folding can be useful to you for the end of year holidays. I'll see you soon for new blog posts.



Have you already tried this folding?
Have you ever used furoshiki to wrap gifts?
Tell us more below in the comments!


  • Adeline Klam

    MOUSSET > Merci beaucoup pour votre petit mot ! Effectivement ! Le furoshiki ne doit plus avoir de secrets pour vous après tant d’années d’utilisation :)

  • Mousset

    Bonjour cela fait 11 ans que j,ai decouvert les furoshikis et que je les utilise au quotidien.
    Pour les emballages cadeaux cela fait 4 ans que c,est devenu Mon emballage.
    Tres beau site bravo

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