TUTO Volume Flower in Origami - Peach, Cherry and Plum

If you have been following us for a long time, the folding that I am going to present to you in this article is not unknown to you! This is the folding of the 3D volume flower in origami that I wanted to bring up to date by offering you a new colorful range and adding a few small variations!


I discovered this folding several years ago now! I particularly appreciated the clear and sharp lines of its pistils which give a very “graphic” side to the whole. Furthermore, it is a folding that I chose to offer you because it is really very easy and allows you to quickly make a generous bouquet of paper flowers, to offer to a loved one or simply to keep for yourself!


Our adorable 6cm square origami paper sets are perfect for making these bouquets of flowers, in one and the same colorful range! Our sets of 80 or 100 papers will allow you to make 16 or 20 flowers respectively . For this tutorial, I mixed different sets to create a multi-colored bouquet with vibrant hues.



In order to make a volume flower in origami, you will need:

  • 5 squares of paper measuring 6cm on each side - This very simple folding can be used 5 times to compose 1 origami flower and create pretty colorful bouquets. To make 1 flower , you will need 5 squares of 6cm side . Our sets of 80 or 100 6x6cm papers will allow you to make 16 or 20 flowers respectively.
  • thick stems (sold in 50cm) - To make 1 flower , you will need to cut 1 stem of approximately 15cm, using pincers or cutting pliers.
  • a pair of cutting pliers or pliers
  • a pair of scissors
  • gel glue
  • a few sprigs of dried flowers

This folding can obviously be available in several sizes in order to create more or less voluminous bouquets. If you choose :

  • 5 squares of 6cm side , you will obtain a flower of approximately 5cm in diameter by 3.5cm in height (without the stem)
  • 5 squares of 10cm side , you will obtain a flower of approximately 8.3cm in diameter by 5.8cm in height (without the stem)
  • 5 squares of 15cm side , you will obtain a flower of approximately 12.5cm in diameter by 8.7cm in height (without the stem)

    1. Orient the sheet of paper in a diamond shape, with the white side facing you. Fold in half to make a triangle.
    2. Fold the 2 bottom points over the top point, according to the dotted lines, to obtain a diamond.
    3. Unfold the folds made in step 2.
    4. Fold the bottom of the triangle over the two most oblique ones marked in the previous step, according to the dotted lines.
    5. Open the 2 folds then slide your finger inside the 2 points on either side of the fold then flatten them so as to obtain 2 symmetrical kite shapes (which can be seen in step 6) .
    6. Fold the 2 points of the “kites” over the fold, according to the dotted lines.
    7. Fold the right and left sides on the fold according to the dotted lines.


    8. If you want to give your petal another shape, refer to the cutting diagram below * .
      Then apply glue to both parts, left and right.
    9. Fold them towards each other and glue them together to form the first petal.
    10. You obtain your 1st petal. Make 4 more folds in the same way (according to steps 1 to 9). The 5 petals are finished.
    11. Assemble your petals together, two by two, applying glue as close to the center as possible, along one of your petals.
      TIP - Let the glue “rest” for a few moments for a better hold between your petals.
    12. Assemble 2 petals by holding them together as indicated by the drawing.
    13. You then obtain your first duo of petals.
    14. Apply glue again to the outside of one of your petals (like in step 11).
    15. Assemble the remaining petals in the same way.
    16. The flower is finished!


    This folding can be declined in three different varieties of flowers :
    • If you want to get a peach blossom, no cutting of the folding is necessary.
    • If you want to obtain a cherry blossom, make a slight “V” cut towards the center of your petal as shown in the drawing above.
    • If you want to obtain a plum blossom, make a rounded cut towards the outside of your fold as shown in the drawing above.


    To then mount your flower on a stem, here is how to proceed:

    1. Place a dot of glue at the hole at the base of the 5 petals that form the flower. The glue point allows the stem to be held securely on the flower.
    2. Gently insert the metal stem inside the flower about 1cm.

    This folding, simple and quick, is taken from my origami book published by Marabout, “ Origami as by magic ” which brings together no less than 50 foldings. Designed to be as accessible and fun as possible, this book details each fold, classified in order of difficulty, composed of photos and drawings (for the most complex steps). If you want to be tempted, it is available in store and on the e-shop!


    Available in different colorful universes according to the seasons and our current desires, our sets of 6 cm origami squares allow you to easily create a pretty bouquet of flowers with varied and assorted patterns and colors! Discover a selection below from the sets we offer.







    akcp-100-origami-papers-6x6cm-patterns-varies-garden-1 akcp-100-origami-papers-6x6cm-various-patterns-multifruits-1





    If you like making origami and Japanese paper flowers, discover our blog article “Origami Cherry Blossom: Tutorial & Inspiration” to learn how to fold a flat cherry blossom!
    Creative kits around paper flowers are also available, in different colorful assortments and different materials such as Japanese paper or crepe paper in store and on the e-shop.


    I hope this article has inspired you to create pretty flower bouquets. I'll see you soon for new DIYs inspired by Japan!

    Until then, take good care of yourself.



    Have you already tried this folding?
    Which flower model do you prefer: peach, cherry or plum blossom?

    Tell us more below in the comments!



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    • maylee

      Bonjour !
      Merci pour ce beau tutoriel! je savais déjà faire les fleurs de pêcher mais grâce à vous je sais faire à présent les fleurs de cerisier et de prunier. De beaux bouquets en perspective pour offrir et décorer ma maison.
      à bientôt,

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