Shopping selection and souvenirs from Japan

During our trip to Japan last April, I collected a bunch of little “favorite” objects as our trip progressed. Today I am diving back into these memories that I have classified by colorful families, like an inventory of this beautiful spring adventure... What a joy!

Shopping selection and souvenirs from Japan

Composing universes using these finds, combining materials, it's a way for me to imagine ranges of colors. Japan is such a rich source of inspiration, as much in textures, smells and tastes as in colors and graphics... Here is a first glimpse of the pretty objects that I brought back with me.

Shopping selection and souvenirs from Japan

Shades of beige: between old papers, wooden objects, dried fruit shells, rice paper, small wicker creations... For this range I let myself be tempted by natural tones, soft and orange nuances. When I returned to Paris, I immediately hung up this little painting! I really like landscapes and particularly this one, painted on cardboard, and which represents Mount Asama (Asama-Yama in Japanese).

I also fell for these three adorable little needle sticks, made from walnut shells. They are called Hari-Yama or “needle-mountain” in French. It's a little winter job: the Japanese have fun making "pine cushions" in pretty fabrics during the cold season.

Shopping selection and souvenirs from Japan

I also found these squares from old kimonos with pretty traditional patterns. These are doubled squares of approximately 15x15 cm which are used as teapot mats. I like this idea, why not develop a collection in the store? What do you think ? :-)

I particularly like wooden objects and I collect them like winks on shelves at home. Like these artisanal creations: a small wooden stick carved with the face of a young boy or even a teaspoon in the shape of a house, a modern object with a very beautiful, sober and refined design from the Torch design house.

Shopping selection and souvenirs from Japan

Anecdotally, the Japanese believe that dogs can give birth to many babies very easily. This mini paper dog mask is actually a protective symbol for pregnant women! To the left of this, another mini-mask of the figure Okame, a female character with a smiling, chubby face, with a small mouth and a broad forehead. A symbol of joy, his expression is always radiant.

Finally, a must-have: a bag of delicious roasted green tea from the Ryuoen Tea Store located in Kyoto. It was offered to us by our host Taeko who spoiled us enormously during our stay in Kyoto. In addition to all these beautiful objects, I remember a magnificent sense of hospitality in Japan.

See you soon,

Adeline Klam

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