Nana Takahashi and her Adorable Origami

On the occasion of the upcoming visit of the origamist Nana Takahashi to the store for a series of exclusive workshops and a temporary sale/exhibition, I wanted to introduce her to you and tell you a little more about her journey and her work, full of delicacy and cuteness.


I discovered Nana's work by chance, several years ago now, on Instagram and I immediately fell for her world, flowery and kawaii (cute in Japanese) as you wish!

I particularly like the retro charm that emanates from his origami. Each fold is a small work of art in its own right, worked with delicacy and meticulousness. The choice of colors and paper patterns is also carefully considered!


Before getting into origami, Nana began her career in a design agency after graduating from the design department of Osaka University of the Arts. Over time, she developed a growing interest in illustration, inspired by the work of Sara Midda and Nathalie Lette.

She then continued her work as an illustrator. Alongside this activity, Nana began working voluntarily with children with the desire to bring joy through her work! This is how she came to work with origami. Now, she is the author of numerous works on this subject!


What makes his origami special (and charming) is the addition of details, small patterns and ornaments that bring his origami to life. It is through this touch that we can guess her work as an illustrator! I really invite you to discover her Instagram account which will give you a nice overview of what she does.


As I told you above, Nana has created many origami works. I continue to be amazed by the scope of his work! The latest “Saijiki Origami” celebrates the 12 months of the year and the changing seasons. It is inspired by the saijiki , the ancient Japanese calendar with 72 micro-seasons which I already spoke to you about in the article “ The Cherry Blossom, Sign of Spring ”. In this book, Nana offers no less than 48 folds, month by month, to invite you to celebrate each season as it should be!

If you want to be tempted, it is available in store and on the e-shop “ Book - Saijiki Origami, Seasonal Origami - Nana Takahashi


If I talked to you about Nana today, it's because she is giving us the pleasure of visiting us at the store in November! On this occasion, we offer exclusive creative workshops, on Friday November 17 and Saturday November 18, to learn how to make flower crowns but also little origami angels and Santas (photo below). To reserve your place, go to our “ DIY Workshops ” section on our website!

A sale of his creations, and more precisely of his floral decorations presented throughout this article, will also be offered from next Tuesday, November 14!


You can discover how to fold Nana's hedgehog in our article " DIY Greeting Card: the Origami Hedgehog " but also those of the fox and the owl in my latest origami book " L'Origami Comme Par Magie, Volume 2 - Adeline Klam .”



I hope this article has made you want to discover Nana's adorable world and maybe even try origami.

I will see you very soon for new creative articles inspired by Japan,



Did you know Nana's work?
Have you already tested one of its folds?

Tell us more below in the comments!

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  • Adeline Klam

    ALEXIA > Bonjour Alexia ! Il n’existe pas de tutoriel à proprement parlé pour réaliser les couronnes murales de Nana car c’est un assemblage de différents pliages d’origami :)

    Pour informations, nous allons recevoir prochainement deux de ses livres dont celui dont nous parlons dans cet article ! Si vous souhaitez être tenue informée de leur retour, n’hésitez pas à vous inscrire à l’alerte de retour en stock par e-mail, sur leur fiche produit respective. Pour ce qui est de la traduction, comme cela est indiqué, ses livres n’ont pas été traduit en français.

    J’espère avoir répondu à vos question ! Merci pour votre petit mot Alexia :)

  • Alexia

    Bonjour, existe-t-il un tuto pour réaliser les guirlandes murales origami de Nana Takahashi svp ?

    Le lien pour son livre semble ne plus fonctionner aussi… et est-il traduit en français ?

    Je vous remercie par avance, j’aime beaucoup ce blog :)

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