Dodo Toucan and Adeline Klam - Exclusive Workshops!

Dodo Toucan and Adeline Klam

It is with great joy that I meet you today in this new article to announce the program of workshops, next Saturday, May 25 , with Sara Théron, the creator of the adorable Dodo Toucan ceramics!

For a long time, we have wanted to offer you exclusive workshops mixing our two worlds, during which you would create and decorate ceramics in a Japanese spirit. During a pleasant afternoon, we have prepared a series of visual inspirations which can guide you in the decoration (example of facial features, patterns for clothing, etc.) of your small ceramics with a kokeishi , maneki neko and other Japanese charms.

Sara and I have known each other for a long time now! I had the chance to meet her at the very end of her Design studies at Arts Décoratifs in Paris. For some time we worked together in our creative offices before she created her brand in 2015. It was following an evening ceramics class that she discovered, with friends, this art which goes very quickly fascinate her. Accompanied by a friend, she decides to buy an oven and embark on this great adventure! Like everything Sara does, meticulous, creative, perfectionist and very productive, her creations will quickly take on a beautiful professional dimension!

Perhaps you have also known her adorable Parisian boutique-workshop, rue Sainte Marte in the 10th arrondissement? About a year ago, Sara and her little tribe of colorful charms moved to a larger location, rue de Meaux in the 19th. A new space dedicated to workshops will be located just at the next number. In short, it's a little corner of poetry in which you can travel through its sweet, colorful creations!

If you want to discover more about her world, go to her Instagram @dodotoucan , her online store as well as at 69 rue de Meaux to stock up on colors and cuteness!

Dodo Toucan and Adeline Klam

For this series of workshops, we have therefore imagined a panel of drawings and inspiration sketches around dolls and little cats which will guide you in tracing your colors and patterns on the small balls of earth prepared in advance by Sara.

You will therefore be introduced to painting with slips in order to enjoy painting delicately on ceramic and thus create your own little tribe! To complete the set, you will also make small fans from Japanese paper to customize your creations and bring a little colorful and Japanese touch to the whole.

Subsequently, they will be cooked by Sara who will welcome you, a few days later, to her shop to pick them up!

Dodo Toucan and Adeline Klam

Workshops can be booked directly on our website as well as in store. Three time slots are offered to you for this edition: 10:30 a.m., 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. , next Saturday May 25 .

If Sara’s ceramics appeal to you, you can discover them on our online store !

Looking forward to seeing you very soon in store,


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