DIY The origami “koinobori” chopstick holder

As kodomo no hi approaches, the Japanese children's festival which takes place on May 5, I wanted to offer you several little tutorials to learn how to make different models of koinobori , these windsocks in the shape of carp hoisted on the wind !


For this first article, I will show you how to make adorable origami chopstick holders, in the shape of koinobori , which will allow you to create a pretty table with a summer spirit for the arrival of sunny days. Without further ado, here is the tutorial:



In order to make an origami “koinobori” chopstick holder, you will need:

  • a square of origami paper measuring 7.5cm per side - Here we used a square of origami paper measuring 15cm per side which we cut into four smaller squares measuring 7.5cm per side. To make a chopstick holder , you will need a square with a side of 7.5cm , which will give you a chopstick holder of approximately 1.8cm wide by 5.5cm long.
  • a small piece of slightly stiff paper
  • a pair of scissors
  • a little glue
  • a black marker


  1. Take a square of paper, colored side facing you. Fold the top of your square of paper down by a quarter. Turn your folding over.
  2. Fold it in half, folding the right towards the left.
  3. You get this. Rotate your fold so that the fold opening is facing down and open it, as shown in the photo in step 4.
  4. Fold a quarter over, the bottom of your fold towards the center.
  5. Fold down a quarter, the top of your fold towards the center.
  6. Fold it in half again, as shown in the photo.
  7. You get this, a small rectangle of paper. Fold the top right tip down to form a small triangle. Mark the fold well.
  8. Unfold the fold marked previously and fold the triangle thus formed inside the fish, as shown in the different photos.* (a detail of this step can be found below).

    TIP - form a small triangle of paper with a piece of stiff paper and slide it under the chopstick holder to keep it straight.

  9. Your chopstick holder is now complete. It should look like this, once the triangle formed in step 7 is folded inside. Slightly unfold the bottom of your koinobori to form its body and rear fins.
  10. On the white part of your fold, on either side of your fold, draw the eyes of your koinobori using your black marker.


TADA Your origami “koinobori” chopstick holder is ready!


I hope you enjoyed this quick and simple little tutorial and made you want to celebrate the beautiful days to come with your family!

I will see you very soon for new DIYs around kodomo no hi . If you would like to learn more about the origins of this holiday, I invite you to read our article “Kodomo no hi: children’s day!” »

Until then, take good care of yourself.



Have you already done this folding?
What occasion would you use these chopstick holders for?

Tell us more below in the comments!


      • Adeline Klam

        VÉRONIQUE > Merci pour votre petit mot et cette autre astuce ! Il est vrai qu’il ne faut pas un trop grand morceau de carton sous le porte-baguette pour le faire tenir en place. Un point de colle peut aussi aider, par ailleurs :)

      • véronique

        j’ai trouvé difficile de faire tenir un carton sous les portes baguettes, alors j’ai utilisé un masking tap assorti qui donne de l’unité à l’ensemble je ne peux pas joindre la photo mais ça rend bien, merci !

      • Adeline Klam

        MARIE > Merci pour votre petit mot Marie :)

      • Marie

        C’est ravissant ! Bravo !

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