Japanese paper Christmas decorations

Christmas is coming soon ! At the store, we want to stay snuggled up warm and prepare pretty decorations for a cheerful and colorful end of the year. Besides, if you have passed by recently, you have surely seen our stars and our paper trees which adorn the window.

For those who do not have the opportunity to come and participate in one of our Christmas workshops , I have chosen to make a selection of our festive and DIY-inspired blog articles. Simple little ideas that will allow you to add the final touch of color to your decoration. Here, it is a range of "polar" colors in snow, gold, blue and mint tones that we have favored, but ranges in red and gold tones are also completely in season.

For the beautiful tree: the Christmas star

Japanese paper Christmas decorations

This Christmas star is really a very easy origami to make but with a beautiful effect! This is an ideal DIY for children and beginners. Here is the step by step but know that we also offer a complete origami Christmas star kit - Polar containing the tutorial and all the materials necessary to make 10 stars.

For the reception table: the bouquet of cherry blossoms

Japanese paper Christmas decorations

I loved reinterpreting these cherry blossoms throughout the year! Find explanations for folding the cherry blossom and instructions for assembling the flower on a stem . On the Christmas table, it's both delicate and unexpected, but so sweet! We bet that each of your guests will want to leave with a flower?

For a touch of light: the candle holder covered in Japanese paper

Japanese paper Christmas decorations

The little touch of light synonymous with warmth and hope is really what we need in this season. With a few scraps of Japanese paper, you can customize candlesticks of different sizes and create pretty colorful combinations. A few small leaves, hazelnuts, a tray or a pretty raw wooden object will complete this little winter display. You will find the instructions for the Candle Holder to Customize .

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