Behind the scenes of the book "Paper Flowers"

Bouquet of flowers on the table - Adeline Klam

Crepon and paper flowers - Adeline Klam

I wanted to create a book on paper flowers, the inspiration was strengthened by bringing together many visuals that spoke to me. Then, we had to put together a work box: find the crepe papers, the pistils and all the small equipment. This gave me lots of ideas, to start to identify the colors that we are going to work with and combine.

I don't think I've touched crepe paper since kindergarten and I really rediscovered this material for this book. When I saw the rolls in craft stores, the colors always attracted me, but I really didn't see what to do with them. Sometimes, I admit, I fell for a few colors of the moment without ever using them! This proved to be a revelation. What incredible material! Its texture is close to textile while being very papery. The crepe stretches very easily and you can give it petal shapes by working it very simply with your fingers.

Pink and yellow paper flowers - Adeline Klam

Nothing better than working in harmony with the light. So it was at the end of spring and during part of summer that I was able to make all the flowers. Everything spoke to me: the material, the colors, the variety of flowers and the calm at home to concentrate.

I had fun taking photos throughout the making of the book. The camera was always within reach. I am happy to be able to share them with you in this article!

Behind the scenes of the book Paper Flowers - Adeline Klam

As I created the book, I organized myself with images. I photographed flowers that were already ready to see how the book transformed. And figure out how to tell the story. So I printed the images on A4 formats and then hung them on the wall in front of my work table. This really stimulated me to enrich the other flowers that followed.

Pink crepon flowers - Adeline Klam

It's a book that I loved making. Also, I really wanted the explanations to be pleasant to look at and easy to understand. I hope this book will give birth to many more flowers and inspire lovers of creative hobbies.

Book "The paper flower workshop" - Adeline Klam - Photographs Emilie Guelpa - Editions Marabout

Daffodils and paper flowers - Adeline Klam

Creating paper flowers - Adeline Klam

Work table - Adeline Klam

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Behind the scenes of the book "Paper Flowers"