Adeline Klam x Marie Claire Ideas: On paper

Paper flowers Adeline Klam - Marie Claire Idees

It was an October morning that we left by taxi with Cédric, Camille and his intern to meet our photographer Frédéric Baron-Morin heading to a magnificent Parisian apartment to carry out our photo shoot. Before this group trip at a very early hour, between boxes and large bags, several hours of work, preparations, preparations, consultations took place in advance to realize this subject which was so close to our hearts with Camille Soulayrol, deputy editor-in-chief of Marie Claire Idées: the subject on “paper flowers” ​​was finally going to be featured for the January 2016 issue of Marie Claire Idées!

Paper flowers Adeline Klam - Marie Claire Idees

I have selected some sequences for you, bits of images from the photo shoot. This little report will give you an idea behind the scenes, in this superb place that I was going to discover with wonder: the house of the “Petit Pan” family had become our little staging lab for our 2 days of photos! A real joy.

Paper flowers Adeline Klam - Marie Claire Idees

Between antique objects of all colors and pieces arranged magnificently in their image, all I had to do was take my flower production out of the boxes and have fun.

Meanwhile, Camille made her final selections for the shots by composing with decorative objects, huge panels of wallpaper and multiple dresses that she had carefully grouped together several days before. (It's a lot of “styling” work.) Thus, the bouquets, crowns, garlands of paper flowers which overflowed from the bins would come to life thanks to its staging.

How can we not resist this delicious mess of colors and materials, in a place so fully inhabited (with cheerfulness). Indeed, the Petit Pan family house is completely inspiring. Each object shines, each space, corner of a wall, piece of shelf gives us a taste for colors, atmospheres, playful, classic, old, everyday objects.

Paper flowers Adeline Klam - Marie Claire Idees

This adventure was an opportunity for me to work with new paper flowers, and to give a nod to the book “L'atelier de fleurs en papier” that I created 1 year ago with Marabout editions. This allowed me to showcase them thanks to Camille's talent, in a decoration context different from mine, for new decorative ideas and fashion accessories. Starting with several giant flowers, we proposed arranging them in large bouquets of flowers, or attaching them to the wall to make a majestic banquet decoration. We couldn't resist the flower crown worn so beautifully by Juni, nor yet to dress up a bucolic photo frame with mini crepe flowers.

Paper flowers Adeline Klam - Marie Claire Idees

I warmly thank Myriam and Pan who allowed us to enhance our work in their magical universe, as well as Amandine and Juni who posed with so much delicacy. The biggest thank you goes to Camille, for her trust, her talent, and her crazy energy.

I hope this article has made you want to make paper flowers for the first time… or to get back into it! You can also find some links to flower tutorials previously posted on the blog, here and there.

See you soon,


Paper flowers Adeline Klam - Marie Claire Idees

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