Adeline Klam & Mini Labo - The underwear of our collection!

There are collaborations that make sense and this is one of them! On the occasion of this new blog post, I wanted to come back with you to our lovely partnership with Mini Labo and tell you in a little more detail the underlying story of this six-handed work whose result you discovered, it a few weeks ago now.

Adeline Klam & Mini Labo

I met Caroline and Céline, the two creators of Mini Labo, on the occasion of their tenth anniversary, five years ago now. Following this lovely meeting, we followed each other's work and you must have certainly discovered some of their creations at the store.

Adeline Klam & Mini Labo

It's been around last year that we've been thinking about the idea of ​​working together around a common project that could bring together our two worlds... This came to fruition on the occasion of the 15th anniversary from Mini Labo around an exclusive collaboration!

Adeline Klam & Mini Labo

Our common passion for working with colors and patterns materialized around a collection of Japanese papers and origami sets with Mini Labo patterns and Adeline Klam colors! No fewer than fifteen different paper references and three origami sets available in three colorful ranges were created for this occasion.

Working together turned out to be obvious! After choosing three patterns (Angèle, Buisson and Jardin) among those proposed by Caroline and Céline, we looked at the color work and had a real pleasure in imagining the universe of this collection together. It was a great first for us to have new patterns screen-printed on Japanese paper and the result lived up to our expectations!

Here are the colorful ranges imagined together, Yuzu, Litchi and Oslo:

Adeline Klam & Mini Labo

Adeline Klam & Mini Labo

With its sea green and tangy yellow, my two favorite colors, the Yuzu range is my favorite! It brings a breath of fresh air to these hot summer days.

Adeline Klam & Mini Labo
It is with the range Litchi that we tried for the first time printing neon colors on Japanese paper. What was our joy to discover the result upon receipt of the papers with this vibrant pink which awakens the range!

Adeline Klam & Mini Labo
Range Oslo and its variations of blue which highlight the touches of gold that we love so much on Japanese paper!

All the Japanese papers in this Mini Labo collection can still be found in stores and on the e-shop if you want to let yourself be tempted and imagine pretty creations with these Japanese papers.

Also discover the sets of 7 15x15 origami papers (Oslo, Yuzu and Litchi) created from this Mini Labo collaboration!

We would like to thank you again for the warm welcome and your lovely feedback on this collaboration which seems as obvious to us as it is to you!

See you soon for new creative posts around Japanese paper!



  • Adeline Klam

    LARROQUE : Merci pour votre commentaire Catherine ! Pour le moment, nous n’avons pas prévu de nouvelle collection de papiers japonais avec les créatrices de Mini Labo. Dans tous les cas, si vous souhaitez découvrir nos nouveautés et réassorts de papiers japonais (toutes collections confondues), ils se trouvent dans la rubrique Papiers > Papier Japonais > Nouvel Arrivage :)

  • Larroque

    Bonjour & bravo, férue d’origami et toujours à la recherche de papier japonais d’exception, j’ai hâte de découvrir votre nouvelle collection. Merci. À très bientôt. Catherine

  • Adeline Klam

    MARIE-HÉLÈNE : Merci beaucoup pour votre petit mot :) Pour les sets de papiers origami à motifs, c’est exactement le même papier. Le papier japonais est simplement taillé en carré de 15cm par 15cm pour convenir pour l’origami. Il n’est pas nécessaire de vernir votre papier sauf si celui-ci est appliqué sur des objets fonctionnels, qui doivent être protégés, types tables et tiroirs par exemple. La plupart du temps, nous préférons laisser le papier japonais tel quel afin qu’il conserve son aspect mat :)

  • Marie-hélène

    Bonjour, et merci pour votre magnifique site plein de gaieté et de finesse….
    je n’y connais rien donc je voudrais savoir si le papier origami est plus épais que le papier japonais. doit on coller puis vernir les 2 types de papier
    merci pour votre aide, je prépare ma commande donc j’ai besoin de ces infos

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