Our DIYs for a festive table

To complete our series of tutorials around Christmas and the end-of-year holidays, today I'm offering you 6 quick and easy DIYs to create a pretty festive table! So I put together an elegant and festive range in shades of purple, midnight blue and mustard yellow, always with a few touches of gold!




For this new article, here are the six tutorials that we wanted to share with you:

  1. a pretty pointed flower in crepe paper ,
  2. small colorful tealight holders made from Japanese paper ,
  3. adorable origami cutlery holders ,
  4. an elegant Japanese paper vase/pot holder ,
  5. a cherry blossom shaped cup made from Japanese paper ,
  6. small square boxes with origami lids .


These adorable tealight holders are perfect for using your scraps of Japanese paper and your rolls of masking tape. Here I used masking tape matching my colored or iridescent range like the little tapes in this lot . It's a DIY that couldn't be quicker and allows you to subtly bring a little color and light to your party table!



Why not slip some sweet treats into origami boxes you made yourself, as little gifts for your guests? Chocolates, little homemade macaroons or even wagashi , these adorable Japanese pastries with varied shapes and colors! The one you see above, in the shape of a white plum blossom, comes from Toraya , a Japanese pastry shop, not far from the Jardin des Tuileries in Paris.


These cherry blossom-shaped bowls, which were used a few months earlier to contain treats for our summer aperitifs, can also find their place on a festive table! This time, I slipped in some Japanese sweets to nibble on: konpeito , these little candies with varied tastes in the shape of spiked balls, and hagashi , dry pastries (as opposed to namagashi, wet pastries ).


Thanks to its varied patterns and colors, Japanese paper allows you to enhance your origami folds and turn them into decorative objects in their own right! For my cherry blossom-shaped cups, for example, I used paper with a fan pattern, screen-printed in shades of purple and midnight blue. Depending on the associations you make, you can succeed, from the same paper, in composing a multitude of colorful ranges depending on the occasion, the season or simply your desires of the moment!


If you encounter any difficulty, do not hesitate to leave us a little comment so that we can help you!


The tutorials listed in this article can be used for other festive occasions depending on your paper assortments! You are free to compose other ranges. I always like to discover, when shopping in store (or on the e-shop), your colorful worlds!


I hope you enjoy this series of Christmas DIYs and above all give you the desire to make your own decorations to create a pretty festive table at the end of the year.

Don't hesitate to share your creations with us by email or on Instagram and Facebook .

On our blog, you can find lots of other colorful tutorials, adapted to the holiday season:

I'll see you soon for new articles on creative hobbies and Japanese paper. In the meantime, take good care of yourself and your loved ones.

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