Our DIYs for Easter

I don't know about you but spring, more than any other season, makes me want light and color. For this new series of tutorials, I wanted to offer you several creative ideas for Easter around a colorful palette of soft and pastel tones.




Here are the six little tutorials to make for Easter:

  1. pretty daffodils in crepe paper to compose a spring bouquet,
  2. small flat origami daisies to sprinkle on your festive table,
  3. origami boxes which can contain some small sweet or chocolate treats,
  4. origami volume rabbits ,
  5. and origami chickens , to place on your table to create a pretty decor,
  6. and finally the customization with Japanese paper of a cardboard basket for the egg hunt or as a container for your Easter bouquet.


For the different creations that you will discover below, I used squares of Japanese paper from our new 15x15cm “Pastel” origami set . I imagined a spring range in different tones of lemon yellow, coral, pale pink, sky blue, sea green and soft green. I hope you like it and inspire some creations!



    I hope this series of articles around Easter DIY will have pleased you and will have made you want to celebrate spring which is gradually arriving.

    Don't hesitate to share your creations with us by email or on Instagram .

    I'll see you soon for new creative articles!

    See you soon,



    What is your favorite DIY?
    Do you like the “Pastel” range?

    Tell us more below in the comments!

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