rouleau déroulé de 200 stickers en forme d&
zoom des motifs des 200 stickers en forme d&
rouleau enroulé de 200 stickers en forme d&
zoom de la taille des 200 stickers en forme d&

Roll of 200 Stickers - Rabbits, Chickens and Easter Eggs - Pink, Blue, Green and Yellow

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This roll contains 200 stickers in the shape of Easter eggs with patterns of flowers, rabbits and chickens in pink, blue, green and yellow tones from the Paper Poetry range of the German brand Rico Design .

These stickers will be perfect for decorate and customize stationery (mail, notebook, etc.) while providing little touch of spring!

Discover our selection of masking tape , stickers and stamps and have fun personalize your blank greeting cards Or notebooks !

  • Dimensions of a sticker: approximately 2cm in length by 1.5cm in width

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