petit grigri grelot maneki neko blanc et rouge posé
petit grigri grelot maneki neko blanc et rouge posé et prédiction porte-bonheur

Petit Grigri Ceramic Bell - Cat, Maneki-Neko - White

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This adorable little ceramic bell charm is in the shape of a maneki-neko (from maneki , invite and neko , cat - lucky charm in the shape of a cat bringing good fortune) with white fur and pink, red, black and gold details.

This decorative bell is sold with its small square of red felt to place it on as well as a prediction in Japanese to discover!

To keep with you or to use as a small, very kawaii decorative element , placed on a shelf, a console or even a desk so that it watches over you every day !

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  • Dimensions: approximately 4cm in height, 3cm in length and 2cm in width (at the base)
  • Symbolic: Happiness, Attraction of luck
  • Material: Matte ceramic

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