Wooden Rabbit Family - Pole Pole - T-Lab

Wooden Rabbit Family - Pole Pole - T-Lab

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Adorable little family of wooden rabbits from the Pole Pole animal series from the Japanese brand T-Lab .

Pole Pole means little by little, slowly in Swahili. Handmade in Japan , T-Lab is “committed to transmitting artisanal woodworking”. Each small animal is therefore unique but always retains this roundness and this softness which characterizes them. Very light , these animals are made from a tropical shrub, Albizia Falcata, with “very rapid natural growth” of which T-Lab undertakes “to replant the trees used in its production”.

To be used as decoration, placed on a shelf or desk, so that it watches over you every day!

Dimensions: approximately 6cm long, 2.2cm wide and 4cm high (for the largest) and approximately 4.5cm long, 2cm wide and 3cm high (for the smallest)

No chemical treatment is used for wood and paint. Matte black paint sensitive to scratches. Decorative object. Cannot be used as a toy. Do not clean with water.

Made in Bali.

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