Bundle of Flower Pistils - Turquoise Blue - 1048

Bundle of Flower Pistils - Turquoise Blue - 1048

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This bundle of pistils, with white stems and turquoise blue stamens, is ideal for making paper flowers ! It contains approximately 120 pistils to separate into 5 smaller bundles and divide in two to obtain 10 bouquets of flower pistils.

If you want to make your own paper flowers, all the necessary materials are available in store and on the e-shop: crepe paper , stems and floratapes as well as pistils .

On the blog, discover our article “TUTORIAL The simple crepe paper flower” to learn how to make a simple and quick paper flower model , ideal for getting started!

Creative kits around paper flowers are also available. They contain all the essential supplies as well as clear and educational step-by-step instructions to help you make paper flowers.

  • Dimensions: approximately 7cm in length
  • Pistil reference: 1048

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