assortiment de 8 papiers crépon de 18g en 25x60cm dans différents tons de rouge
Set of 8 Crepe Papers - Red - 25 x 60cm - 180g

Set of 8 Crepe Papers - Red - 25 x 60cm - 180g

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This lovely assortment contains 8 sheets of thick colored crepe papers in different shades of reds, oranges and pinks.

These sheets of heavyweight florist crepe paper are ideal for making paper flowers and foliage in warm colors, with an interesting texture and good hold .

If you already have one of our “Crepon Flower Bouquet” kits , this assortment of papers can be used as a refill to once again make a pretty, colorful and durable bouquet !

If you want to make your own crepe paper flowers yourself, grab a pair of scissors , a little precision glue , metal stems and floratape and discover our blog article “TUTO Flowers in Crépon” , full of advice and tips !

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