TUTO The flat 5-pointed star in origami

For this series of articles about Christmas decorations, I wanted to share with you today how to fold the flat 5-pointed origami star . Once your star is made, you can then mount it on a garland, hang it or even stick it on a greeting card. I have a preference for the garland, the light look of which I particularly like!



To make an origami star, you will need:

NB: The folding to make a simple origami star is the same as that of the flat origami cherry blossom ! The final cut is just not the same.


  1. Take your square of paper, white side facing you. Fold it in half along the dotted lines to mark a first median.
  2. Fold in half along the dotted lines, to mark a second middle and unfold.
  3. Mark the diagonals of the small square on the right (by folding down the top right corner, bottom left corner and the bottom right corner, top left corner). Unfold.
  4. Fold the bottom left corner of your fold at the intersection of the diagonals marked previously.
  5. On the left part of your fold, superimpose the two lines indicated by continuous lines, so as to fold your flap in two as indicated by the dotted lines.
  6. On the right part of your fold, superimpose the two lines indicated by continuous lines, so as to fold your flap in two as indicated by the dotted lines.
  7. Fold your figure in half, folding the right part “under” the left part.
  8. You get this.
  9. Using a pencil, trace your figure as shown.
  10. Then cut out the figure following your pencil line.
  11. Unfold.

TADA! Your flat 5-pointed origami star is ready!

TRICK - Once your stars are made, you can mount them on a garland for example! To do this, I cut a nice length of wire and I “sandwiched” it, using a dot of glue, between the folding of my star and a small paper cutout made with a star-shaped hole punch.


Accompany your Christmas stars with other decorations by consulting our article: “6 DIY Christmas decorations” .

I hope you enjoy this new tutorial. I'll see you soon for new articles!




Did you know this folding?
On what support would you like to use your flat 5-pointed origami star?
The garland, the suspension or the greeting card?
Tell us more below in the comments!



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