TUTO The Star in Volume in Origami

I know that this folding that I am going to present to you today intimidates more than one of you! It is actually much simpler than it seems. In this new article, I will detail all the steps for you step by step to make adorable volume stars.


These little stars can, of your choice, be mounted as a garland to add a little colorful touch to your decoration or scattered in the center of a festive table.

Different colored ranges are available in store and on the e-shop, in the “Star Kit” section!



In order to make an adorable little star in volume, you will need:

  • 1 strip of Japanese paper measuring 1.5cm by 31cm in the colors and patterns of your choice

NB: 1 strip of paper corresponding to 1 star = strips of Japanese paper and folding to multiply as many stars as desired.

If you want to mount the stars on a garland, you will need (for 36 stars):

AT THE END OF THIS TUTORIAL, discover a video which covers the folding steps, presented below.


TIP: During steps 4 and 5, make sure to tighten the knot and flatten the star. From step 10 to step 14, tighten the strip of paper tightly around the figure but without bending it.

  1. Make a loop with one end of the paper strip.
  2. Pass the other end through the loop.
  3. Pull the tape...
  4. ...to get this.


  5. Flatten this knot well to form a pentagon.
  6. Lightly cut the small end that sticks out at the top.
  7. Fold it back...
  8. ...to get this.


  9. Fold the strip of paper from the bottom to the top following the edges of the pentagon.
  10. You get this. Continue to fold the figure from behind .
  11. You get this. Continue to fold over the figure.
  12. You get this. Continue to fold around the figure as many times as possible.


  13. When there is not enough paper left to turn the strip around the pentagon...
  14. ...cut the end...
  15. ...to leave about 1cm overhang.
  16. Fold this small piece of paper by sliding it under the top strip.


  17. Flatten the pentagon completely.
  18. Press on 4 sides with your fingertips to inflate the star.
  19. Finish the star by pressing the 5th side.
  20. TADA! Your origami volume star is ready!


If you want to assemble your stars into a garland, equip yourself with a needle, thread, beads and bells.

  1. Make as many stars in volume as desired on your garland.
  2. Tie 1 bell, with a simple knot, at the end of the wire.
  3. Using the needle, pass the thread through 1 bead, twice in a row, so as to form a loop around the bead.
  4. Tighten the loop so that the pearl is firmly attached to the wire, approximately 5cm above the bell.
  5. With the needle, pass the thread through 1 star by piercing one of its points. Pull the needle out on the other side, the star unfolds. It's normal. Once the needle and thread are through, restore the shape of the star by pressing with your finger.
  6. Continue to alternate beads and stars, leaving 5cm apart each time.
  7. Finish with 1 bell, secured with a simple knot.


We have developed “ready-to-use” creative kits which include all the necessary materials in ranges of assorted papers.

To make 24 stars in volume , discover in store or e-shop: one of our “Stars” kits (which contains the step-by-step and 24 strips of Japanese paper).

To make a garland of 36 stars in volume , discover in store or e-shop: one of our “Garland of Stars” kits (which contains the step-by-step, 36 strips of Japanese paper, 5m of thread , 37 beads and 2 matching bells).

I hope you enjoy this new origami tutorial! Don’t hesitate to consult our article: “6 DIY Christmas decorations” to learn how to make other holiday decorations!

I'll see you again very soon for new creative articles;



Have you ever tried volume star folding?
Did you encounter any particular difficulties?

Tell us more below in the comments!

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  • Adeline Klam

    BANCELIN CATHERINE > Merci beaucoup Catherine pour votre adorable commentaire :) Nous sommes enchantés d’apprendre que vous réalisez bon nombre de nos tutoriels d’origami (qu’ils soient sur notre blog ou dans livre) et qu’ils vous sont accessibles ! Cela nous tient vraiment à cœur ! Nous espérons qu’avec cet article vous parviendrez à réaliser ce pliage, qui peut effectivement être plus délicat qu’il n’y paraît.

  • Bancelin Catherine

    J’avais essayé ce pliage de l’étoile, d’après un autre livre. J’y comprenais rien et avais abandonné ce qui pourtant paraissait si simple après plusieurs essais ratés. Mais vous avez donné une explication de taille au début, c’est de replier sur chaque côté du pentagone. Je vais essayer. Vos tutoriels sont très clairs. J’ai réalisé vos tutoriels de Pâques, la poule, la marguerite, la maison, le hérisson (super simple et mignon) et j’utilise beaucoup votre livre. Le plus clair de tous mes livres sur l’origami ! Merci

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