TUTORIAL The Flat Origami Tree

This Christmas DIY is one of my favorites! Here, for this new article, is the folding of the origami tree which can be used on a garland, suspended or on a card. The basis of this folding is the same as that of the flat 8-pointed origami star , which makes it really very simple and accessible to everyone.



To make a flat origami tree, you will need:


NB: The different “levels” of the paper tree are made using the same folding as the branches of the flat origami star, presented below. To make your tree, you will need to make 5 small folds in 4 different sizes to form the volume of your tree. The remaining square of paper will allow you to form the trunk of your tree.


  1. Take your square of paper with the colored side towards you and mark the medians. Unfold.
  2. Then take your square with the white side towards you and mark the diagonals.
  3. Take the paper with the colored side towards you and gently push with your fingers to bring part of the fold “inside”.
  4. You get a triangle. Then fold the two top corners, left and right, towards the center of your fold, as indicated by the dotted lines.
    You get your first “tier” of tree.
Start again with 4 other papers to make your 5 “layers” in total.



    1. Dimensions of the squares of the 5 “floors” of the tree:
      - 1 folding with a square of 4cm side ,
      - 1 folding with a square of 5cm side ,
      - 2 folds with squares of 6cm side ,
      - 1 folding with a square of 7cm side .
    2. Then fold your remaining 4cm square as shown in the photo above to make the trunk of the tree.
    3. In glitter paper, punch a small star.
    4. Assemble, using a little glue, the different elements made previously, following the order in the photo above. Nest the small folds one inside the other and assemble the base of the tree to the back of your tree. Glue your star to the top of your tree!

    TADA! Your flat origami tree is ready!

    Once your tree is made, if you want to hang it, cut a little wire and form a loop that you will tape to its back.

    You can also personalize a greeting card. For this you will need a blank card, single or double, cut from white paper, like a classic pocket. Canson , approximately 220g/m 2 and stick your tree on this card.


    I hope you like this adorable fold and will make you want to make your own Christmas decorations.

    Accompany your tree with other decorations by consulting our article: “6 DIY Christmas decorations” .

    See you soon !



    Which version of the tree do you prefer? Suspension ? The map ?
    In what color range do you want to make your Christmas tree decorations?

    Tell us more below in the comments!

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