TUTORIAL The Little Origami Cube to Hang

The tutorial I'm offering you today is one of my current favorites! These adorable hanging origami cubes remind me of little sweet treats. Hanging, these origami can be used as decorations for your Christmas tree!


The basis of this folding is the same as that of the “DIY Origami Module” . Instead of mounting 12 elements, you will mount 6 for this tutorial. Here I used our sets of 80 origami papers in 6cm by 6cm which allow you to make 13 small cubes . With a set of 100 origami papers in 6cm by 6cm , I can make 16 small cubes.



In order to make adorable little origami cubes to hang, you will need:



  1. Mark the central fold then the 2 central folds on the left side and the right side. Fold the 2 ends, taking note of your previous folds.
  2. Fold over your right part by aligning yourself with the central line according to the dotted lines.
  3. Fold the large tip along the dotted lines.
  4. Fold your left part over the central line according to the dotted lines.
  5. Fold over according to the dotted lines.



  1. Slide the previously folded part inside the figure...
  2. ...using your thumb.
  3. You get this. Repeat the steps above 5 times to obtain a total of 6 small elements .


  4. Turn your diamond over and mark the folds along the dotted lines.
  5. Make these same folds on all your other diamonds.
  6. You then obtain 6 identical diamonds .
  7. Make sure you have this cross pattern clearly visible.

    AT THE END OF THIS TUTORIAL, watch a video which shows the steps for assembling the 6 small diamonds ( steps 8 to 19 ) which will allow you to form your cube.


  8. To make the assembly understandable and easier for the first time, I suggest you concentrate on 3 diamonds of 3 different papers.
  9. Take your plain sea green diamond and your plain turquoise blue diamond. Slide the plain turquoise blue diamond into the plain sea green diamond.
  10. You get this.
  11. Take the assembly of the plain turquoise blue and sea green diamonds as well as your sea green wave pattern diamond.


  12. Slide the assembly of the plain turquoise blue and sea green diamonds into the sea green wave pattern diamond.
  13. You get this.
  14. Repeat the steps above (steps 9-13) to get 2 more shapes.
  15. When assembling one side of your cube, be sure to respect this two-color assembly principle.


  16. You obtain a small cube with 2 small points that you still have to nest in the folding.
  17. Drag them under the faces of the square which does not yet respect the two-color face principle.
  18. Gently squeeze the edges of your little cube to finish forming it.
  19. You get this.

    TADA Your little origami cube is ready! 


    In order to mount your suspended cube, equip yourself with around 30cm of gold metallic wire, a small bell and a small colored bead.

    At the end of your piece of wire, attach a small bell by making a double knot. Thread your piece of thread onto a needle and pierce your small cube from one edge to another, diagonally. Thread a bead onto your thread, pass the needle through the bead again and slide it onto the edge. With the remaining thread, form a large loop and tie a double knot.


    If you like the colorful world of this tutorial, here are some of the creative supplies that might be useful to you:


    I hope you enjoy this new article! Don’t hesitate to share your paper Christmas decorations with us by tagging us on social media ( @adelineklam ).

    Accompany your small hanging origami cubes with other decorations by consulting our article: “6 DIY Christmas decorations” .

    See you soon on the blog!




    Have you already tested the folding of the module?
    Which color range do you prefer?

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