TUTO The Rabbit in Volume in Origami

For Easter, I wanted to offer you this adorable origami volume rabbit folding! It's an origami, simple and quick to fold, which will allow you to put together a festive table with a spring spirit at the start of April.


In order to make an origami rabbit, you will need:

  1. Take a square of paper, white side facing you and points facing up and down. Fold the vertical median.
  2. Mark the fold.
  3. Unfold.
    Fold the left and right points into the center of your fold. Mark the folds.
  4. You get this.
    Fold the top tip, according to the dotted lines.
  5. Then fold the tip halfway, outwards, as shown in the photo.
  6. You get this.
  7. Turn your folding over.
  8. Fold the bottom tip to the top of your fold, before the top tip, according to the dotted lines.
  9. Fold your fold in half, vertically, towards the “inside”, so that the tips of the ears are on the outside.
  10. You get this.
    Pinch the tip of the rabbit's ears to lift it...
  11. ...and pull it to the left. A detail of this step can be found below .
  12. You get this.
    Take your fold in hand, head turned to the left, and cut your rabbit's ears up to the line indicated on the detail photo below . This will help train both ears.
    Then grab each end of your fold to open it and put your rabbit in volume.

TADA! Your origami volume rabbit is now ready!


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and made you want to make your own Easter decorations!

I will see you again very soon for a new article.



What do you think of this folding?
Have you already made your own party table?

Tell us more below in the comments!

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